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Beyond the Dictionary: English Spelling for Canadian Editors

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English spelling in Canada goes far beyond the second edition of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. Canadian editors must address a number of issues when editing print and online materials: Canadian or US spelling? What about British spelling? Which dictionary is best? How do dictionaries and style guides intersect? Is Canadian Oxford still the standard?

Proficient copy editors and proofreaders must consider these spelling-related questions and many more. This seminar covers how editors can navigate common spelling pitfalls, maximize their reference books, and supplement with online resources. Those new to editing will find a wealth of practical information backed up with hands-on, real-world examples, and more experienced editors will enjoy an interesting and thought-provoking discussion about an aspect of editing that is ever-present but rarely singled out for analysis.


Nancy Foran, past chair of Editors Toronto, has been editing, proofreading, and localizing for more than a decade. She has North Americanized and edited numerous non-fiction books, guides, reports, and newsletters. Nancy has worked primarily in Canadian and US English, but she has also edited British English and Australian English. She is currently a freelance editor and works for publishers of trade non-fiction, educational publishers, scholarly publishers, non-profits, and corporations. Nancy is the general editor of The Firefly English Visual Dictionary with Definitions, The Firefly French-English Visual Dictionary, and The Firefly Spanish-English Visual Dictionary. She prides herself on being a fully reformed bad speller.

Saturday, May 28   (***Cancelled***)
1 PM to 5 PM 
Registration – $150 members, $175 non-members (HST extra)
Early Registration (to May 14) – $120 members, $145 non-members (HST extra)
Victoria College, Room 211, Victoria University, University of Toronto
91 Charles Street West