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Ergonomic Balance

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Workplace ergonomics has produced substantial equipment, literature, and employee intervention over the years. However, many people still suffer because of cumulative workplace demands on their bodies. The solution to achieve employee health is ergonomic balance.

Ergonomic balance addresses the two mutually inclusive elements for a healthy employee:
1. The body: how to maintain biomechanical and postural balance
2. The workstation: how to keep that body in balance 

Honsberger Physiotherapy successfully provides ergonomic solutions to companies to help promote staff productivity and to prevent injuries in the workplace. Join experts Joseph Trambulo and Jason Varghese to discover how to create optimal balance and health in your workplace.


Joseph Trambulo is a registered physiotherapist at Honsberger Physiotherapy, with 14 years of experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. He has managed multidisciplinary facilities and has extensive experience in workplace health and rehabilitation. He helps his professional, collegiate, amateur, and corporate athletes stay healthy and perform better both in life and sport. 


Jason Varghese is a graduate of York University and is a Certified Athletic Therapist.

He has an extensive background in cardiac, aquatic, and visceral rehabilitation, and for more than 10 years has served as director of corporate care and industrial management at Honsberger Physiotherapy.

Saturday, April 16 ***seminar cancelled***

9 AM to 12 PM  
Registration – $115 members, $140 non-members (HST extra) 
Early Registration (to April 6) – $100 members, $120 non-members (HST extra) 
Victoria College, Room 211, Victoria University, University of Toronto 
91 Charles Street West