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Key Messages and Sample Tweets

Your participation is the key to the success of the #hireaneditor campaign. By using your own social media channels, you'll act as a #hireaneditor brand ambassador. And by actively participating in the campaign, you'll not only help to raise the profile of the editing profession, you'll publicize your own qualifications as an editor.

Ready to send out your own #hireaneditor messages? Here are some sample Tweets and status updates for you to share with your network. Send them out as is, or tweak them to make them your own

Five reasons

Five reasons every organization needs editors. #hireaneditor

More than books. Here are 5 reasons why EVERY organization needs editors. #hireaneditor

Editors can save you money

Producing effective communication takes time. #hireaneditor to find the right words for your message.

Revising and reissuing documents wastes precious resources. Get it right the first time. #hireaneditor

An editor can save you money. Get your message right the first time, and within your budget. #hireaneditor

Revising and reissuing wastes precious resources. So does using a non-expert. #hireaneditor

Use your resources wisely. Trust a professional to perfect your communication. #hireaneditor

Communication matters/Find the right words

Trust the experts. #hireaneditor for your business writing needs.

Create successful reports. #hireaneditor for your business needs.

Finding the right words can be difficult. #hireaneditor to create the best communication possible.

Editors transform your great writing into extraordinary communication. #hireaneditor

Editors are subject matter experts

Improve your financial reports and industry studies. Use a subject matter expert. #hireaneditor

From finance to tech and publishing, editors are subject matter experts. #hireaneditor

Want to write proposals and specs that get noticed? Trust a subject matter expert. #hireaneditor

Create communication that gets noticed. Trust a subject matter expert. #hireaneditor


Clarity is key. Don't risk confusing your stakeholders. Make an editor your first reader. #hireaneditor

Clarity is key. Editors cut through the confusion and make your message clear. #hireaneditor

Decrease risk. Trust a professional to perfect your message. #hireaneditor

We make you look good

We help you look good. Editors choose the right words and make you look professional. #hireaneditor

Your image is important. Put out the best communication possible. #hireaneditor to avoid embarrassing errors.

We care how good you look. Behind every star is an editor. #hireaneditor

Your image is important. Trust a professional to perfect your writing. #hireaneditor

#hireaneditor to put your best foot forward. Reach 1,500 professionals who care about your image.


Versatility. From industry studies to news releases, editors perfect your communication. #hireaneditor

More than books. Corporate reports and grant proposals? Check. #hireaneditor for all of your communication needs.