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The Real Story Behind Business Writing

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To many people, business is boring. They think it’s all spreadsheets, accounting details, and earnings numbers. In reality, though, it’s anything but bland. The business world is full of larger-than-life personalities, planet-altering companies, globe-influencing economics, and much more. It covers everything from the personal and the political to lifestyle and entertainment. Business is everywhere, so why aren’t you writing about it? This seminar will look at why business writing is one of the bigger growth areas today, covering how to find the right story, how to get a business story in any magazine, and what resonates with readers. We’ll talk about some of the boring stuff—like financial statements—too. 


Bryan Borzykowski is a National Magazine Award–winning journalist. His work has appeared in The New York Times, CNBC, BBC Capital, CNNMoney, Canadian Business, and The Globe and Mail. He’s also the author of three personal finance books and appears weekly on CTV News Channel to talk business. Bryan’s on the board of the Society of American Business Writers and Editors (SABEW), and in 2014, he helped bring this 50-year-old organization for business journalists to Canada. Bryan started off as a music journalist, until he realized that there’s more money—and more fun—in business writing. 

Saturday, February 20
1 PM to 5 PM
Registration – $150 members, $175 non-members (HST extra)
Early registration (to February 6) – $120 members, $145 non-members (HST extra)
Victoria College, Room 211, Victoria University, University of Toronto
91 Charles Street West