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Stream 5: Arts and Sciences


Arts and Sciences

5a. The Editor and the memoirist: Creating your best working relationship

Marjorie Simmins

Saturday, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Venue: Vanguard 1


Workshop participants are invited to discuss the dynamic world of memoirs and the editor's relationship to both the memoir and the memoirist. What is a memoir? How much of it is fact, and how much is fiction? How do you fact-check a memoir? What are the challenges and rewards of editing memoirs? Given the uncommonly personal nature of the work and the writer's fierce attachment to it, how can an editor best serve the memoirist?

Marjorie Simmins is an award-winning writer who works as a freelance journalist, editor, and teacher. She has an MA in memoir studies from Mount Saint Vincent University. You can find Marjorie here:


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5b. The new age of publishing: How regional publishers survive

Andrew Steeves, Terrilee Bulger, & Robbie MacGregor
Heather Fegan (moderator)

Saturday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Venue: Imperial Ballroom


As if being a small Canadian publisher wasn’t challenging enough – with US competition, decreasing number of bookstores, and decreasing government support – the advent of e-books and digitization has created a challenge in the way publishers do business. Three well-respected local publishers will share their insights on the future of book publishing and, indeed, Canadian writing.

Andrew Steeves founded Gaspereau Press with Gary Dunfield in 1997. He spends his time reading, writing, editing, designing, typesetting, printing, binding, marketing, selling, and talking about books.

Terrilee Bulger is the general manager and co-owner of Nimbus Publishing. She is also publisher for The Acorn Press.

Robbie MacGregor is publisher at Invisible Publishing, an independent literary firm based in Halifax and Toronto.

Heather Fegan is managing editor of Atlantic Books Today and projects manager for the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association. She is thrilled that her love for books, magazines, and the written word carries over into her work every day.

* * * *

5c. Make meetings matter

Moira White

Saturday, 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

Venue: Admiral Room


Meetings are a fact of EAC existence. Effective meetings are long enough to discuss the work at hand, short enough to stave off boredom, and interesting enough to bring participants back. Effective meetings require thoughtful preparation, capable chairing, and engaged participants. They also require a record of what happened and a blueprint for action with accountabilities. In this enjoyable, interactive session, learn how to plan for and chair an effective meeting, discuss what to record, and discover how meetings can move an agenda forward. Make your meetings more enjoyable!

Moira White is a freelance editor, writer, and trainer. She is currently Director of Professional Standards for EAC and is a past president. She has worked at countless meetings across Canada and beyond.

* * * *

5d. Good reads between the covers: Editing fiction for literacy learners

Helena Aalto & Laurel Boone

Sunday, 9:15 am – 10:15 am

Venue: Vanguard 1


Good Reads, original fiction for adults with grades 2 to 5 literacy levels, are written by some of Canada’s bestselling authors. Well-written, accessible stories that learners enjoy, Good Reads build reading confidence and encourage reading practice. The project manager and structural editor go between the covers to discuss the challenges of writing and editing fiction to meet Good Reads’ guidelines while retaining the styles of well-established authors. Before-and-after editing examples will be presented.

Helena Aalto splits her workday as Good Reads project manager at ABC Life Literacy Canada, and professional development coordinator at EAC.

Laurel Boone is a fanatical reader. She served as the editorial director of Goose Lane Editions for 15 years, and she has taught both writing and editing.

* * * *

5e. There's skunk breath in the breeze

Sheree Fitch

 Sunday, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Venue: Britannia Room


Take my nonsense seriously, please! Protect me; make me better than I am. Oh, and can you edit someone who is insecure, talks too much, and literally goes overboard when she writes a shipwreck scene? For over 25 years, whether in children's books or work for older readers, I’ve needed trusted editors who are able to work with my particular wonkiness. The editor/writer relationship is sacred. I’ve been blessed with great editors and a lot of stories. I’ll tell the tales if you promise to punctuate this session with laughter and questions.

Sheree Fitch is an award-winning, best-selling poet, author, educator, and literacy activist, with more than 25 published books.

* * * *

5f. L'Acadienne néo-écossaise se raconte

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Sunday, 1:45 pm– 2:45 pm

Venue: Imperial Ballroom (Simultaneous interpretation to English)


Dans l’étude qui vous sera présentée, les auteures ont choisi d’interviewer des femmes de 70 ans et plus afin de découvrir leur vécu quotidien. Grâce aux extraits des riches témoignages recueillis, vous comprendrez mieux le rôle que jouent les Acadiennes dans la survie de leur culture; il s’agit d’un apport dont on ne parle pas dans les livres d’histoire.

D’origine acadienne, Réjeanne LeBlanc, Ph.D., est professeure agrégée à l’Université St. Francis Xavier. Elle mène des recherches sur l’évolution linguistique et culturelle des communautés acadiennes.

* * * *

5g. The words of theatre: Challenges faced by playwrights

Wendy Lill, Wanda Graham, & Anthony Black
Elissa Barnard (moderator)

Sunday 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Venue: Vanguard 2


Three of this country’s foremost playwrights will discuss their writing process. How do you find your unique voice? What does it take to create dialogue that moves an audience and tells a story? How is a theatre script edited? Do playwrights engage editors, and if so, what is the relationship between an editor and a playwright?

Wendy Lill is a playwright, radio dramatist, former Member of Parliament, and advocate for persons with disabilities. She lives in Dartmouth with her husband, Richard Starr.

Playwright, novelist, and essayist Kent Stetson, C.M., directs for the theatre and works as a dramaturg. The Governor-General’s award winner mentors emerging and established playwrights and writes for small and large screens.

Anthony Black is a writer, director, actor, designer, and producer. His work has toured extensively across Canada and internationally

Elissa Barnard has been an arts reporter at the Chronicle Herald in Halifax for over 20 years. She specializes in theatre and art coverage but does everything from rewrites to proofing pages.


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