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Copy Editing I

This seminar is meant for both novice editors and those who want to improve their writing. You will learn basic techniques for improving text and the types of errors and difficulties typically found in everyday writing.

The instructor will introduce participants to some of the perennial problem topics that copy editors face such as:

  • spelling: determining capitalization and hyphenation; forming compounds; choosing American, British, or Canadian variants
  • grammar: ensuring subject–verb and pronoun–antecedent agreement; avoiding dangling or misplaced modifiers; maintaining parallel structure
  • punctuation: clarifying meaning; dealing with hyphen and dash difficulties; determining whether punctuation goes inside or outside quotation marks
  • word usage: sidestepping commonly misused words; avoiding noun strings; eliminating redundancies
  • mechanics of style: using or creating a style sheet to maintain consistency; dealing with abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms; knowing when to italicize

This is a learn-by-doing seminar with many exercises to illustrate the content.

Contact the Seminar Chair to discuss group training options at your office.