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Avery Calhoun, PhD

RealEyes Editing

3111B Havenwood Lane
Victoria, BC V9C 0M7
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I am a freelance editor helping non-fiction authors move manuscripts from "in progress" to "submitted for publication."

I specialize in non-fiction editing, primarily supporting academics. I know what it's like to succeed within a "publish or perish" environment. During my two+ decades as a university faculty member, I published more than 25 articles and book chapters as well as two edited books. I'm familiar with the challenges facing non-fiction authors including the anxiety around having a number of manuscripts at various stages of readiness with deadlines looming.

My substantive expertise is useful to authors in social work and related fields including sociology, education, and health sciences. I taught research methods and data analysis for 20 years and can support authors reporting quantitative or qualitative studies. Having acted as a reviewer for several journals and book publishers, I have a grounded understanding of publication standards.

As an author, I almost always worked as part of a team and my role was most typically "the editor." There is both art and science required to transform a document from rough copy to sparkling final version. This is the work I love to do.

With a professional background in social work, I value the relational aspects of the author/editor connection. I prioritize respectful relationships with authors, deferring to their subject-matter knowledge and preferences about voice. I'm comfortable with a wide range of digital technologies and can work with whatever system an author feels most comfortable.

Visit my website at and send a note through the contact form. Email me via

I'm always open to questions and conversations.

Editorial Skills

  • Consulting and manuscript evaluation
  • Copy editing
  • Mark-up and coding
  • On-screen editing
  • Online editing
  • Plain language
  • Proofreading
  • Referencing
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Rewriting
  • Structural and substantive editing
  • Stylistic editing
  • Web adaptation


  • Abstracts
  • Academic books and monographs
  • Academic materials, general
  • Academic papers and essays
  • Anthologies
  • Blogs
  • Books, general
  • Conference materials
  • Curriculum guidelines
  • Grant applications and fundraising
  • Periodicals, general
  • Policies and procedures
  • Proposals and evaluations
  • Reports, other
  • Résumés and CVs
  • Textbooks, college and university
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Websites


  • Canada
  • Family
  • Gender studies
  • Health
  • Humanities, general
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology and mental health
  • Social sciences