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Beverly Ensom

1858 Sharel Dr.
Ottawa, ON K1H 6W4
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Certified Copy Editor

Editors Canada Volunteer Participation

  • Certification (2011, 2012, 2015)
  • Conference (2011, 2012)
  • Publications (2011)


Certified as a Copy Editor by the Editors' Association of Canada, I am a writer, researcher, and editor with 30 years’ experience. I enjoy fine-tuning information to concisely fit clients’ needs. My skills in plain language, grammar, and consistency are well suited to assignments requiring high degrees of clarity and readability. Long experience with a variety of subjects has given me a wide knowledge of local and world issues. I’m dependable, flexible, and easy to talk to. Please get in touch, to discuss your editing needs.

Editorial Skills

  • Copy editing
  • On-screen editing
  • Plain language
  • Proofreading
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Rewriting
  • Stylistic editing
  • Writing


  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Conference materials
  • Government materials, general
  • In-house publications
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers
  • Reports, other
  • Transcripts and minutes
  • Websites


  • Aboriginal people
  • Canada
  • Ecology and environment
  • Energy, mines and natural resources
  • Government, federal
  • Government, municipal
  • Health and medicine, general
  • History, Canadian
  • International relations
  • Labour and employment
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Society, general