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First, there's a short list of topics that just aren't my thing, so let's get that out of the way up front: Donald Trump, cannibalism, economics, health care, crime, Apple, real estate, sports, war and theosophy are not wanted on the editorial voyage. Just about anything else is of interest.

Thanks to years of writing, editing and content curating for print and the web, I've been fortunate to have contributed to a wide variety of projects, with a focus on graphics, design and technology. Most of my online work has been devoted to the three sites that I architected, launched and grew since first creating CorelNET on contract for Corel Corp.

Over more than ten years I contributed thousands of news items, articles, interviews and blog posts to my site, currently owned by Mediabistro. In recent years, I successfully repositioned its content focus from a technology-centric perspective to include visual culture in all its variants, thereby boosting views and social media engagement, as well as broadening the site's readership. Also of note are hundreds of posts dedicated to marketing and branding that I contributed to the Mediabistro StockLogos site.

I worked with many managers during the years, with the most recent one being kind enough to state that, “I have been working with Chris for over seven years and I only have positive experiences. He's a great design/tech editor and writer, and has been a great help to me in the role of product management, too. With his help we were able to grow our audience on our websites and social media accounts tremendously, and turn an e-commerce project into a million dollar business. I highly recommend him.” An earlier manager also went on the record to indicate that, “Chris is a dedicated, diligent, and extremely intelligent site manager. As editor, he built and maintained a loyal audience of savvy design professionals — a discerning, demanding group whose high standards for content were matched by Chris's editorial sophistication.” Okay, just one more: “Chris is experienced in running successful online businesses. It was his skills and insight that caught our attention. Chris gets the new web and knows how to get to solutions that are both intelligent and potent. Recommended.”

Print Work

When it comes to print, I've generated everything from book reviews, travel writing and op-ed pieces for The Globe and Mail, through magazine articles on art and antiques; software and hardware reviews in the early days of the personal computer; art exhibition catalogs; software documentation; and an in-house newsletter for a leading-edge technology company. I've penned a monthly column on graphics software; served as Editor in Chief of a Canadian glossy devoted to electronic publishing; line-edited one book and authored four of my own; and published a successful monthly magazine.

Focus on the Reader

Whether for print or online readership, if there's one thing I've learned over decades of content creation, it's to maintain an unwavering focus on the reader. Data and algorithms have their value but immersing yourself in the universe of the reader takes more than mathematics. If you really know your reader, when you hit on the right topic it's self evident — at that point you just have to execute. I live for those moments.

But Enough About Me

Because the focus is really all about you and your editorial needs. Don't be shy — if you think I might be able to meet or exceed your writing, editing or content curating expectations, I look forward to hearing from you.

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