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Gayle Graham


Academia and government are my strengths. My academic background is in the social sciences (psychology) and information management. Professionally, my experience is predominantly in libraries where I honed my fact-checking skills to assist researchers with their writing projects in a wide range of academic and health sciences subject areas.

During my extensive work experience at government libraries, I have been involved in the writing and editing of several operational documents, including brochures, help documents, forms, and blog posts for a public audience; as well as policies and internal procedural guidelines. In addition, for three years I served as Editor of the international news column of the Medical Library Association’s newsletter MLA News. I have written and published articles in professional and academic journals; and served as a copyeditor and peer reviewer of professional articles to advise on spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, content, flow, and citation requirements which resulted in factually accurate, relevant, and readable published articles.

I successfully completed an undergraduate thesis in psychology, and served as an editor for a Masters thesis in the fine arts. In addition, I have created conference posters to convey research concisely in plain language with visual appeal. My broad familiarity with academia would be applicable to a wide range of disciplines and projects.

My experiences of the publication process from the perspectives of author, editor, and peer reviewer have granted me a broad and thorough understanding of best practices for guiding a writing project to completion. My contributions to literary endeavors have consistently resulted in successful publications and excellent academic grades. For further details of my previous literary projects, see my website.

Editorial Skills

  • Copy editing
  • On-screen editing
  • Proofreading
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Rewriting
  • Structural and substantive editing
  • Writing


  • Academic papers and essays
  • Blogs
  • Government materials, general
  • Newsletters
  • Policies and procedures
  • Résumés and CVs
  • Surveys
  • Theses and dissertations


  • Culture
  • Government
  • Psychology and mental health
  • Social sciences