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Glenna M. Jenkins, MDE

Glenna Jenkins, editor

132 Highway 332, P.O. Box 418
Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0
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Experienced public speaker, available to talk to groups and associations about editors and editing.

Editors Canada Volunteer Participation

  • Conference (2019)
  • Editors Nova Scotia (2014, 2015)


I am an economist, editor, and writer. I mainly work on academic papers, theses, dissertations and scholarly books for authors whose first language is not English. Canadian clients can contact me directly via email: International clients can contact me through, a platform where scholarly writers can find editors to assist them with their theses, dissertations, books, or academic papers. Through Peerwith, I also provide a service that helps PhDs turn their dissertations into books; however, these clients must understand the process and be committed to putting in the necessary work. I can be accessed through my Peerwith expert page at:

I hold a master's degree in development economics and studied editing at Ryerson University, in Toronto, Canada, and the University of California at Berkeley.  Subject areas include business, economics, environmental planning, international relations, politics and government.

My clients include non-native English-speaking scholars who require editorial assistance with their theses or dissertations, academic papers they wish to publish in peer-reviewed journals, or scholarly books they wish to submit to recognized scholarly publishers. My clients have published with presses at Cambridge, Oxford, and Stanford Universities, and the University of Toronto. I help my clients produce clear, comprehensive, polished and well-organized manuscripts in excellent English. 

In English-language editing, I check word usage for meaning and context. I also revise for clarity and succinctness and adjust sentence and paragraph structure and length. Further, I provide stylistic and structural editing; this means rephrasing sentences or paragraphs for flow, cadence and meaning, and restructuring the paper, where necessary.

My copyediting service addresses matters of correctness (spelling, grammar, punctuation), passive voice, split infinitives, dangling modifiers, and other mechanics of style. I check tables and figures for completeness and comprehension; I eliminate repetition and check the flow of the discussion and whether paragraphs and sections are properly connected. I check embedded citations for the appropriate style and ensure each is included in the reference list; I also revise the reference list, if requested.   

Comments are provided in the review pane; these explain adjustments to a word, phrase, or sentence, or suggest a change to said.  Comments also explain the English-language ruling behind a change. I also point out sections where facts or connections are missing and further discussions are required. 

When all of these tasks are finished, I run the manuscript through PerfectIt, which is software that checks for consistency of headings, hyphenation, use of abbreviations, numbering, capitalization and other aspects of style and consistency.

Finally, I provide detailed feedback that explains the edits and offers suggestions for improvement, where necessary.  I am also available to answer any questions, subsequent to an edit, and to provide minor rewrites prior to the author submitting a manuscript to an acquisitions editor at a journal or to an academic supervisor. 

To date, I have revised over 700 scholarly papers and dissertations. Most of my clients publish with Emerald Insight or Brill and return to me for assistance with subsequent papers.

“I recommend Glenna as the top choice in editing Economics papers. Her service significantly improved the presentation of my papers.” A client at the University of Beijing

“Glenna Jenkins is knowledgeable in economics, excellent at copyediting for scholarly papers, and devoted to the job. I recommend her without reservation.” A client at the Korean Institute of International Economic Policy

“Glenna is extremely thorough. It is her attention to detail that makes her work so valuable." A client at Henan University

“On Asian Development Bank projects, Glenna's background in environmental studies and economics has been invaluable." A client at the Asian Development Bank

Editorial Skills

  • Abstracting
  • Bilingual editing
  • Canadianization
  • Consulting and manuscript evaluation
  • Copy editing
  • Developmental or project editing
  • Editing translations
  • Metrication
  • On-screen editing
  • Permissions
  • Plain language
  • Proofreading
  • Referencing
  • Rewriting
  • Structural and substantive editing
  • Stylistic editing
  • Writing


  • Academic books and monographs
  • Academic materials, general
  • Academic papers and essays
  • Books, general
  • Educational materials, general
  • Government materials, general
  • Periodicals, general
  • Policies and procedures
  • Proposals and evaluations
  • Study guides
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Trade non-fiction


  • Administration
  • Business
  • Construction and real estate
  • Ecology and environment
  • Economics
  • Economy, politics, and law, general
  • Energy, mines and natural resources
  • Finance and taxation
  • Gender studies
  • Government
  • Government, federal
  • Government, municipal
  • Government, provincial
  • Humanities, general
  • Industry and manufacturing
  • Industry and technology, general
  • Information technology
  • International relations
  • Labour and employment
  • Politics
  • Social sciences
  • Society, general
  • Transportation