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Phaedra S. Corrente, BFA

Certified Copy Editor
Certified Proofreader
Certified Structural Editor


Who Am I?

A passionate editor based in Guelph, Ontario.

I've been offering my copy editing and proofreading services for nearly ten years. As an editor, my goal is not only to provide you with cohesive, error-free text that will engage your audience, but also to make your experience with an editor as pleasant as possible.

With additional backgrounds in copywriting, office administration, media arts, and foreign language studies, communicating is what I do best.

My rates differ based on the level of editing required for your work, as well as the type of editing you require. I always want to be reasonable—if you're a student in need of a discount, then let me know. I'm happy to work with your budget. Simply email me from your student email account and we'll get the ball rolling from there.


Throughout my career, I have worked on an array of dissertations, journal articles, marketing materials, book chapters, short stories, reports, e-books, blog posts, poems, and more. My clients include university professors, PhD candidates, business professionals, and budding authors from around the globe. I have formed my client relationships as both a contractor and a freelancer.

While I wish the CMOS was the universal style guide governing all written works, I'm well versed in MLA, APA, and AMA style. I'm an experienced ESL editor and have assisted writers based in Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Egypt, Japan, Korea, and more. My diverse client base has led me to become proficient in American and UK usage, in addition to Canadian usage.

While my subject proficiencies are mostly limited to the arts, languages, technology, and general humanities, over the course of my career I've developed keen interests in health care, nutritional science, and politics. I've only ever shied away from advanced mathematics papers, though, so just about any topic is on the table for me.

I have in-house experience as a full-time communications specialist for Student Life Network (SLN), a forward-thinking marketing company dedicated to helping Canadian students fund their education and enrich their lives. There I wrote ad copy, site copy, blog posts, and other marketing materials, all the while co-managing the company blog. I recruited and coached several promising young writers as paid content contributors, helping them hone their writing skills and improve their storytelling abilities.

Fun Facts

I grew up learning French as a second language and have studied Japanese and Mandarin at intermediate levels. As an aspiring polyglot, I intend to become fluent in all three languages. Other languages on the backburner are Italian, German, and Korean.

In 2014 I was sent to E3, a world-famous gaming conference in Los Angeles, after winning a writing contest run by Student Life Network.

When I'm not editing, I'm either reading, drawing, cooking, or playing a fantasy RPG.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to working with you!



Editorial Skills

  • Copy editing
  • Editing translations
  • On-screen editing
  • Online editing
  • Plain language
  • Proofreading
  • Referencing
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Rewriting
  • Structural and substantive editing
  • Stylistic editing
  • Translation, French to English
  • Web adaptation
  • Writing


  • Abstracts
  • Academic materials, general
  • Academic papers and essays
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Anthologies
  • Blogs
  • Books, art and photography
  • Books, children's and young adult
  • Books, general
  • Books, self-help
  • Books, self-published
  • Catalogues
  • E-books
  • Fiction
  • Magazines
  • Multimedia
  • Newspapers
  • Plays and screenplays
  • Poetry
  • Résumés and CVs
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Trade non-fiction
  • Websites


  • Administration
  • Arts
  • Asia
  • Communications
  • Culture
  • Entertainment
  • Grammar and linguistics
  • History
  • Humanities, general
  • Labour and employment
  • Leisure, general
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology and mental health
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Social sciences
  • Technology
  • Travel and tourism