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Susan Crossman

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Experienced public speaker, available to talk to groups and associations about editors and editing.


I am a book coach, an editor, and a five-time traditionally published author who is passionate about harnessing the majesty of a great story to the objectives of clients who aim to make a difference in the world with their books. I typically work with coaches, consultants, innovators, energy workers and people who have a spiritual understanding of the world and I’ve spent decades wielding the “power tool” of language on behalf of clients who seek clarity in an increasingly complex communications environment. My business is built around the privilege of helping people communicate more powerfully so they can build better relationships, achieve greater goals, and generate more revenue. Consciously.

I love a good adventure myself and in recent years I’ve gone ziplining in Costa Rica, luging down a mountain in New Zealand, and trekking in the hills north of Kathmandu. While Covid has kept me grounded, it's also given me the opportunity to study more: I'm currently enrolled in the Amen Clinics Brain Health Certification Course and the BioGeometry Foundations Course—both topics that will assist me to communicate my clients' messages more effectively. Usually I can be found diligently sitting at my desk working to polish another riveting book manuscript that will change a client’s life. I have a strong background in marketing and I am continually seeking opportunities to learn about the spiritual aspects of this human life; I am particularly intrigued by our relationship with Consciousness.  

My areas of specialty include personal development and self-help, transformational leadership, spiritual awakening, Consciousness, online marketing, and building a better business. Editing books about spirituality, resilience, and recovering from trauma are particularly dear to my heart.

I run the KickStart Book Writing Formula, a six-week program designed to help people get in action around starting to write a book. The program dives into why you want to write a book (and what that "why" means for your process), your author vision, how to define your target reader, planning your book, creating the time to write, and determining which publishing model will work best for you.  The next class starts November 3rd. and you can find out more at

I also invite you to check out my 12-month Awakening Author Book Writing Mastermind program, an online group program that will get your book expertly structured, and give you support, accountability, and professional advice on how to improve your writing. There's plenty more -- check it out at

If you would like to find out more about how I can entice language into the service of your objectives, please book an appointment with me via my online scheduler at

I also invite you to check out my business website at

And my Amazon Author Page is here:

Best wishes for great writing!



“Susan was instrumental in helping me make my first novel publication-ready. From the early drafts to the final product, she was there every step of the way, She was an amazing content and structure editor who steered me back on course whenever the story strayed from its true path. Her shared enthusiasm and her mighty, metaphorical red marker helped to purge the reams of clutter and added both context and insight into the plot and the characters. Her insight, her support, and her professional demeanour made what could have been trying times into an exciting and motivating process. She also provided tremendous insight into the arcane and at times inscrutable world of publishing.  Without her guidance and assistance, I likely would have not landed my first publishing contract. Thank you, Susan.”

Vincent Fernandez, Author of Little Sister


"Susan’s amazing blend of skills and supportive personality was such a significant contribution to the creation and publishing of my first book. Without her help and critical editorial eye, I am not sure if my book would ever have seen the light of day. She is an absolute joy to work with, an excellent writer and editor, and a very fine coach. Thanks so much, Susan. Onward to my next book with you by my side! "

Paula Hope, Author of Stop the Saboteurs


“Writing a book can seem like a huge undertaking; however, I was blessed to find Susan Crossman as my book editor!  She was truly amazing.  Not only was her work timely and cost-effective, but she has the unique ability to make my words and intentions so much clearer and ‘print-ready’.  I would highly recommend her and would definitely use her again for another book.”

Diana Lidstone Author of Shift into Rich


“If you’re considering working with Susan, I’d absolutely recommend her. She’s been a pleasure to work with, for one, and the level of detail, attention, and care she’s giving my work is astounding. I actually have a background in writing and editing, having studied it formally at university and informally through extensive reading and research– I can tell you, she’s on top of her game and, if you really open to her comments and feedback, she’ll make your work some of the best it could ever be…I’m currently working on her recommended revisions and I’m so grateful to have had her on my side– to have her on my side still– as I work through this process.”

Jenny McKaig, President and Creative Director at CreativeWell 


“I can't tell you, how much better my book is because of Susan, and she is also a wonderful and charismatic woman on a personal level. We just hit it off from the get-go. I needed a tremendous amount of help, not just a little copy editing. We had to move whole sections of the book around, a logistical nightmare because of the length and scope of the book and the time frame of the story covering 150 years of world history, including more than a thousand characters. I was blessed to have been taken on by her as a client. She is just out of this world as an editor.”

Alex Paterson, Author of No Helping Hand


“Writing your first book is a thrill that lasts a lifetime and as a new author, I was looking for an editor that could not only scrub spelling and correct grammar but provide an editorial perspective, suggesting any rewrites before I self-published. Working with Susan accomplished all of my objectives. Her professional approach was both encouraging and insightful. I would highly recommend that you find an editor that you can trust and who will guide you through the process. I would recommend Susan to any new or seasoned author!”

Trish Tonaj, Author of A Diary of Change


As a first-time writer it was a daunting task to have confidence in my abilities to communicate my ideas for my book. Once I had written my draft, I was fortunate indeed to engage the services of Susan Crossman as my editor. She was much more than an editor as she took time both to meet with me, and understand both my project and my communication style. She worked within that framework to provide ideas, edits, and overall encouragement. The result – a published book.

Blythe Ward, Author of Stepping up to a Happy Stepfamily


“Susan was an integral part of the team that guided me to create a book that I’m proud to have authored  Susan is an author herself, so she understood the trepidation I felt when I first turned over my manuscript to her expert hands. I was pleased that Susan quickly learned ‘my voice’ – her edits and proofreading made what I wrote sound even more like me! She improved my book’s structure, made suggestions and encouraged me when I had questions. As an added bonus she helped me to avoid over-editing my manuscript by telling me when she thought it was time to send it to my publisher! I wholeheartedly endorse Susan Crossman to anyone looking for an intelligent, accomplished, thorough and caring professional book editor!”

 Wendy Vineyard, Author of Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Naturally!


I started working with Susan Crossman in her six-week Kickstart Your Book Writing program. After taking that course with Susan, I knew my timeframe for writing a book had moved up. In one conversation with Susan, I remember saying to her, “What am I waiting for?”, and I signed up for her Book Mentorship program. Well, in less than a year from starting that program, my manuscript is finished and ready to move on to editing and publishing.

Susan is an amazing mentor and an even more amazing person. She was patient and kind through the whole process. Her encouragement, and belief in my ability to bring my story to life on the page has set in motion a dream come true for me. I can’t imagine having gone through this process without Susan by my side. Her expertise, experience, knowledge, and compassion put her at the top of her field. I feel honoured to call her my mentor and friend.

Angela Wilson, Chief Unlimited Officer, Angela Unlimited







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  • Copy editing
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  • Proofreading
  • Rewriting
  • Structural and substantive editing
  • Stylistic editing
  • Writing


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  • Arts
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