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Tamra Ross, B.A., English, Editing Certificate (SFU), CBIS.

Cobweb Text and Design

Calgary, AB T2A 0H8
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Wrangling text and making it pretty for 10+ years, I edit and design for academic journals, web sites, magazines, and business. Horror and gaming are passions too. My niche is building documents through writing, editing, fact-checking, design, and web publication: many of my projects involve a mix of these skills. 

As a university researcher in information and computer science, I have experience with writing and editing for academic journals, citation formats, journal guidelines (APA, Chicago, MLA, Springer, etc.), and developing web sites and apps.  I’ve received two consecutive research awards from NSERC, published several papers, and served as a sub-reviewer on a number of academic peer-review panels.  My recent work includes tables, figures, and diagrams for university research grants.  I know what it takes to get published and can help you prepare your submission for the peer review process.  

My academic specialties are the humanities, distance learning, adult education, and IT/computer science—my academic publications reside at the nexus of computer science and student support systems (learning analytics).  If these interests seem contradictory, consider that editing and computer science are all about logic, structure, syntax, and the elegant expression of complex ideas. I also love exploiting the possibilities of hypertext and computers as vehicles for storytelling: researching cultural details for game worlds and backstories piques my interest: I’m completing a university certificate in game and interface design. I'm particularly interested in editing books and articles on programming languages and IT topics. 

For business clients, I offer extensive experience with corporate bios, annual reports, newsletters, brochures, governance documents (policies, procedures, and bylaws), and staff training manuals.  I have also designed and written custom handbooks, planners, and instructional e-books.  I particularly love creating document templates and working on a project from conception through the printing process.

I offer full desktop publishing services and web development/programming; I work in Word, InDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator and more.  I've worked in the legal profession and extensively with non-profits, and my academic publications have focused on virtual communication and distance education.  As a researcher, I have written journal submissions, workshop materials, and funding proposals, and I've scripted and developed training videos using online courseware and video editing suites (Captivate, Premiere Pro).  

While I love the structure and precision of technical and business writing, I'm passionate about horror and avant-garde fiction, edgy and provocative articles, and gaming.  I'm happy to take on small jobs or large projects.  I live in Calgary with two cats, a little dog, and my life and business partner—a managing editor of a small newspaper. 


Recent clients

The University of Alberta Nursing Faculty, Liberal Party of Canada, and New Dog Promotional Products, Calgary AB.

Here is what one client had to say about my work:

I enjoyed working with Tamra—her work was creative and of high quality. Tamra was efficient in terms of addressing our needs and was quick to attend to feedback. She made a significant difference to my research grant!
-- Dr. Shannon D. Scott, Professor, Canada Research Chair for KT in Child Health, University of Alberta.


Education and Training

•    B.A. English, Athabasca University, great distinction.

•    Editing Certificate, Simon Fraser University.

•    Post-graduate certificate, Information Systems (CBIS), University of Victoria Continuing Education

•    Game Development Certificate (social aspects, story development, & adapting history and myths), Athabasca University (ongoing). 

Key words: Adobe, academic, boards, brochures, catalogues, charts, citations, desktop publishing, education, figures, flyers, forms, games, gaming,  gender, governance, how-to, InDesign, information technology, layout, literature reviews, MailChimp, Moodle, movies, music, non-profit, organizations, peer review, reports, research, Survey Monkey, surveys, tables, technical writing, technology, web sites.  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Captivate, and Acrobat (including fillable forms), xHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and PHP.  

Editorial Skills

  • Copy editing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Layout and design
  • Online editing
  • Plain language
  • Referencing
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Web adaptation
  • Writing


  • Academic papers and essays
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • E-materials, general
  • Manuals and how-to books
  • Newsletters
  • Policies and procedures
  • Reports, annual
  • Résumés and CVs
  • Surveys
  • Transcripts and minutes
  • Websites


  • Administration
  • Animals
  • Arts
  • Food and drink
  • Gardening and horticulture
  • Grammar and linguistics
  • Information technology
  • Leisure, general
  • Life sciences
  • Lifestyles
  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology and mental health
  • Technology