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Doin' it Right: Correct Grammar and Punctuation

Seminar description

Good grammar and punctuation anchor good writing. When grammar or punctuation errors creep into your texts, readers question your credibility. Other readers may be distracted by the errors and stop focussing on your message. Still, others may misinterpret your intended meaning.

This seminar will teach you how to spot and correct common grammar and punctuation errors. The word "grammar" often causes people's eyes to glaze over, but this workshop makes grammar fun. We don't get bogged down in dreary dissections or painful parsing; rather, we use many real-life examples and simple-to-learn tips to bring grammar and punctuation to life.


This seminar is intended for editors and writers who want to rely on more than instinct to guide their grammar and punctuation choices. The seminar assumes that attendees have a good grasp of basic English grammar and want to learn more about what goes "under the hood" of the language.


Building the Foundation

  • The eight parts of speech
  • Subjects and predicates
  • The secret to the universe (or how to find the subject of a sentence)
  • Clauses and phrases

Weighting Ideas

  • Coordinating and subordinating ideas
  • Avoiding faulty and questionable subordination
  • Placing clauses in sentences
  • Joining independent clauses using three techniques
  • Punctuating clauses
  • Avoiding three common sentence problems involving clauses

Describing with Modifiers

  • Placing modifiers
  • Choosing modifiers

Using Pronouns

  • Point of view
  • Pronoun reference
  • Pronoun use: that vs. which