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Editing Federal Government Reports


Whether you work in the federal government or are a freelancer wanting to break into this large market, the requirements for government report editing can seem daunting. In this seminar, we’ll demystify the process—from the legislative requirements that start the ball rolling to the sign-off before publication.

Using real examples from reports and hands-on exercises, we’ll cover

  • what legislation and communications policies affect reports
  • what kinds of federal reports are produced
  • how to do project management and quality control
  • how to deal with authors, from experts to committees
  • how to handle possible political sensitivities and ethical issues
  • what to look for at all stages of the editing process, from substantive editing to proofreading
  • when and why plain language is important in federal reports
  • how to work in a bilingual environment
  • how fact checking federal reports differs from fact checking other documents
  • how to survive the “March madness” end-of-fiscal period and handle rush jobs
  • what security issues you may face

The federal government editing environment is changing daily. You’ll come away from this seminar feeling confident to handle the challenge and reap the rewards.

Contact the Seminar Chair to discuss group training options at your office.