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Editing Technical Content

DateTuesday, January 22, 2019
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

What do you do when the content you are editing is more technical than you are? This seminar offers insights into how to make technical content written by engineers and/or subject matter experts (SMEs) more comprehensible to its intended audience, even if you personally are not a member of that audience.

The role of a technical editor is to improve the readability of (and sometimes assemble and normalize) documents written by technical writers and SMEs. By definition, SMEs are quite knowledgeable, but are too close to their subject matter, inexpert at writing, or both. A technical editor’s goal is to render the content as uniform, understandable, and appropriate for its intended audience as possible.

So how can you edit something you don’t fully understand? Editing Technical Content will show participants how their existing editing skills can be applied to improve the communication aspects, and how to elicit meaningful clarifications from SMEs. There will be plenty of real-world examples and exercises.


  • Experienced editors who wish to feel more comfortable when subject matter is highly technical
  • Experienced technical writers who are asked to “proofread” or “format” a SMEs messy brain dump.

Instructor: Marta Cepek has worked as a technical writer since 1991. For the last 10 of those years, she has been editing and reformulating SME-written content into customer-facing documentation. In addition to her 26 years of industry experience, she has a Diploma in Education from McGill and a BQ in Philosophy and Creative Writing from Concordia.

Capital Hill Hotel & Suites
88 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON

Registration fees (includes lunch, snacks, and HST):