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Benefits of membership

Get involved

The number one benefit of membership is the opportunity to get involved in the association's committees and activities. The connections you'll make and the skills you'll develop are the most effective way to reap the other benefits listed below.

Connect with other editors

Monthly (Branches & Twigs) membership meetings give members an opportunity to network, hear informative speakers, and participate in professional development.

The Editors Canada annual conference provides an opportunity to attend workshops and panel discussions, participate in the annual general meeting, meet other editors and publishing professionals from across the country, make new friends, and catch up with old acquaintances.

Develop your skills

Since its beginning in 1979, Editors Canada has offered professional development seminars through its branches, with discounts for members. Informed instructors continue to help beginning editors build strong foundations, and they help more experienced ones develop their expertise.

Typical topics include

  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • grammar and usage
  • copyright law and permissions
  • estimating time and setting rates
  • starting a freelance business

The monthly branch meetings and the annual national conference provide further opportunities to learn from experienced, informative presenters.


Looking for savings on training opportunities, office supplies and resources? Editors Canada is pleased to offer great discounts to members and student affiliates.

Get Certified

Become a Certified Professional Editor through the association's certification program. Find out more about Editors Canada certification.

Find work

The Online Directory of Editors (ODE), a searchable electronic resource, helps potential employers find the right editor fast. As a qualifying, voting or honorary life member, you can list your services in the ODE at any time by completing an online form and paying the required fee. Freelancers who list in the ODE can attract new clients by creating personalized listings that rank high in online searches. A well-written ODE listing can pay for itself many times over.

Editors Canada's National Job Board contains national job postings paid for by employers. Only Editors Canada members have access to this board.

The branch Hotlines are free job announcement services available in all branches. They put local clients in touch with editors looking for work.

Postings for positions are also often circulated informally between members.

Protect your business

Professional liability for Editors Canada members through APOLLO Insurance

APOLLO is an insurtech company that delivers a people-first insurance experience by offering clients comprehensive, custom policies. Through time-saving technology and a deep understanding of the communities they serve, APOLLO is making professional liability insurance effortless.

This product is available in all Canadian provinces and territories, except Quebec. Editors Canada will continue to look for a product for members in Quebec.

Be in the loop

The Editors Canada websites, (English) and (French), promote editing and professional standards and provide an ever-growing list of online editorial resources.

Join Editors Canada today.