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National call for association ambassadors: A great opportunity to educate others about editing

The marketing and communications committee is developing a plan to raise the profile of the association as an authority through in-person outreach to emerging writers and editors. Our goal is to promote the editing profession and the benefits of joining Editors Canada.

Part of that plan is to have ambassadors of Editors Canada speak at libraries, writers' circles, and post-secondary institutions about what editors do and what it takes to become an editor. We plan for these presentations to start in fall 2022.

We're looking for members to become local ambassadors for our national association. We will provide a generic presentation for you to tailor to your own experience, as well as details about Editors Canada you can include. As an ambassador, you'll help to promote lasting awareness of the editing profession.

We're looking for

  • members with some work experience and a willingness to share their enthusiasm for the profession to act as ambassadors; and
  • suggested contacts at libraries, writers' circles or post-secondary institutions.

If you're able to help, please get in touch with Merel Elsinga.

A blue pencil and a blue swirl drawn on paperSpring 2022 Blue Pencil series

Editors BC and the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) are once again collaborating to offer free editing consultations to authors. You are invited to be part of the popular Blue Pencil series, held via Zoom and now accessible to editors and authors province-wide.
This season’s Blue Pencil sessions happen on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, February 8
  • Tuesday, March 8
  • Tuesday, April 12
  • Tuesday, May 10
  • Tuesday, June 7

Appointment times are 7–8 pm and 8–9 pm. The new one-hour slots allow editors more time to work with authors. Editors are not required to provide more than 30 minutes of discussion, but have the option to use the extra time if desired.

Following a brief welcome from the library, the editors and authors will be assigned to private online rooms to discuss their projects. Editors will have the ability to share their screens and show their work to the authors.

Authors sign up through VPL. At least a week before their scheduled consultation, they submit a one-page summary of their project, a question or concern for the editor to address, and up to 2,500 words of writing. The volunteer editor reviews the material and provides one or two pages of written feedback to be discussed during the session. Any actual editing of the submission is at the editor’s discretion; it is not a requirement.
Editors can sign up for one or more sessions, on one or more days. Registration is easy:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign in with Facebook or your email address. No account is required.
  3. Review the available times and choose the one(s) you’d like to volunteer for.
  4. Provide your name, phone number, and any specialties or preferences that will help match you with an appropriate author.
  5. Save!

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after you sign up and a reminder email two days before the event. You will not be added to any contact lists.

Editors participating in the Blue Pencil Sessions are advised that submitted work may be fiction or non-fiction from any genre, although we do not accept poetry or script formats. We will try to match editors to authors as best we can, but we cannot guarantee the type of work that you will be assigned.

Editors are expected to be open to all reasonable submissions and treat authors with respect. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic writing is not acceptable. Editors should reject work that contravenes these standards and report it to us.

Blue Pencil sessions are a fun way to practise your editing skills and connect with potential clients. Both new and experienced editors are welcome. By participating in events like these, Editors BC members help promote our craft and raise the profile of our profession. Your participation and commitment are sincerely appreciated.

Questions? Email us at

Thank you,

Kyle Hawke
Communications and social media chair
Editors BC

A woman sits on the floor holding a laptop; the words "Volunteers needed!" are beside her in the negative spaceEditors BC volunteer needed for the Editors Canada nominations committee

Editors Canada is in need of one member from BC to sit on this year’s nominations committee.
The nominations committee is responsible for recruiting volunteers to fill vacancies on the NEC, national committee chairs, and other positions for 2022–2023. The commitment would involve virtually attending one meeting and would last from February until late April (or sooner, if we find enough volunteers). There are email templates and tracking sheets already created to make the recruiting process smoother.
Anyone interested can contact Heather Buzila at