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Electronic Editing

Are your Electronic Editing skills up to par?

Microsoft Word is ubiquitous. Whether or not it is the primary word processing tool for your work, as a writer and editor, your co-workers and clients generally expect you to be highly proficient. Are you?

We asked Cécile Dubois, who will be leading the Electronic Editing seminar for Editors Ottawa-Gatineau on Friday, March 24th, to tell us a little bit about what to expect.

Q. Who would benefit from taking this seminar? 
A. This seminar is targeted for intermediate users who wish to become more efficient with Word, or as a refresher for those who haven’t used Word for a while and want to become familiar with changes and new features in different versions. This session takes you out of the work environment and gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills.

Q. Is it possible to get through the seminar without bringing a laptop?
A. It would be best to have a laptop to be able to do the exercises along with me. People learn much better by doing than by watching, but a laptop is not absolutely obligatory. I strongly recommend bringing a laptop with MS Word 2010, 2013, or 2016.

Q. How will what I learn be relevant to my work? 
When we work, we usually use the same familiar set of features that we know well, but we do not always have the time (or the need) to discover what other toolsets are available. We will cover many tips and tricks to make you more efficient and a power user!

Q. What if I have some specific questions or needs?
I try to make sure that everyone leaves the seminar feeling more competent and confident about using Word. The seminar is interactive and will try to make sure your questions and needs will be answered.

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Friday, March 24, 2017
Capital Hill Hotel & Suites, 88 Albert St., Ottawa
Time: 9 4 p.m.

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Registration fees (includes lunch, snacks, and HST):

  • EAC member: $275
  • Non-member: $400 

Seminar Description

If you write and edit documents, this course will show you how to use Word efficiently to accomplish proper usage of an editing tool. Microsoft Word enables you to do more than simple word processing.

You will also take away a comprehensive manual with much more information for you to continue your editor’s journey.

In this seminar, you will learn:

Tips and tricks: using common keyboard shortcuts, quick parts, linking text boxes, creating macros to simplify repetitive tasks,

  • Collaboration tools: using balloons, comments, page views, tracking revisions, protecting documents and revisions, working with multiple documents
  • Styles: understanding styles, applying a style, changing the style, removing a style from text, using the apply styles window
  • Changing your styles, using the style panes, and doing more with styles
    Creating and inserting tables, editing tables, formatting tables, working with table data
  • Working with and editing pictures
  • Creating headers and footers 
  • Generating a table of contents: using styles, working with references to create a table of contents, marking text using heading styles, inserting and updating a table of contents
  • Creating references: adding footnotes and endnotes, editing and formatting endnotes and footnotes, using bookmarks, using cross-references
  • Creating a bibliography: inserting citations, managing sources, inserting and updating a bibliography

We recommend that you bring a laptop with MS Word version 2010, 2013 or 2016 and MS Word 2016 for MAC computers.


Cécile Dubois is a Microsoft Office Certified instructor. She is an experienced corporate trainer who conveys a high level of preparation and enthusiasm in the classroom. Cécile teaches seminar participants how to use the applications to enhance their editing and writing.