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Advanced Writing-Style Techniques


Stylish dressers have an eye for colour, fabric, and fashion. Stylish writers have an eye for clarity, flow, and rhythm. This seminar won’t equip you to dress any better, but it will help you to write sentences that enhance your messages and distinguish you from the norm.

By exploring the inner workings of strong style, you’ll learn how to craft sentences that convey confidence and precision. You’ll examine in detail many advanced techniques that effective writers use to clarify points, emphasize ideas, and engage readers. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to practice these techniques in class.

Because this seminar builds on basic style principles, we recommend that you take our Plain Language: Building Results seminar before enrolling in Advanced Writing-Style Techniques.

This seminar will teach you how to strengthen your prose and make your writing more vigorous. You’ll discover techniques to take your writing to the next level—techniques that will help you catch the eye of discerning readers.

Topics covered in this seminar are

  • achieving cohesion
  • aligning topics and subjects
  • getting to your topics and subjects quickly
  • revising long openings
  • emphasizing what is important
  • capitalizing on themes
  • striving for concision
  • replacing phrases with words
  • hedging appropriately
  • managing sentence sprawl
  • shortening excessively long sentences
  • harnessing balance

Contact the Seminar Chair to discuss group training options at your office.