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Editing Charts


If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then a data chart must be worth at least 100. Knowing how to edit charts in order to use them to their full advantage will increase your value to your employer and clients.

The number of infographs produced worldwide is growing by about 1 per cent every day. It’s estimated that we retain 80 per cent of what we see and do but only 20 per cent of what we read. Profit from the power and popularity of visual communication by honing your skills in creating and editing charts that wow. Learn how to transform a chart from a head-scratcher into a head-turner. Whether you just want to boost your chart-editing competence or become a guru, this seminar will change the way you look at charts.

In this hands-on session, we’ll cover

  • how to make data charts understandable, engaging, and accurate
  • when to present data in charts, tables, and maps and when to present them in text
  • how to treat the most common types of chart “diseases”
  • what to look for when dealing with charts from substantive editing through to proofreading

Real-life examples of charts used well and poorly will be presented from a variety of genres, such as charts in government reports, news media, and textbooks. This half-day seminar is geared to editors and writers at all stages of their careers who work on materials for a general audience. (It is not intended for technical specialists.) Bring your calculators, but don’t worry—no cosines or compasses will be involved!

Contact the Seminar Chair to discuss group training options at your office.