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How to Deliver Effective Presentations


Many people rank public speaking as one of their greatest fears. And yet it’s difficult to succeed in business or government without speaking in public—and doing it well. How to Deliver Effective Presentations is a one-day seminar that provides you with the knowledge and skills to deliver sound presentations that get results.

The seminar begins by teaching you how to both tailor content for your audience and convey this information confidently. Next, you’ll learn how to put together effective PowerPoint presentations. And then you get the opportunity to deliver these presentations to a friendly audience—your peers and the instructor. You leave not only with videos of your presentations but also with helpful feedback on your delivery style.

At the end of this seminar, you’ll understand the importance of targeting content to your audiences. You’ll also know how to structure your presentation for maximum impact. And most important, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle your next presentation with poise.

Topics covered in this seminar are

  • introducing the three secrets to successful presentations
  • composing a presentation plan
  • organizing material effectively
  • benefiting from practice
  • using audio-visual aids
  • taking care of the room and audio-visual details
  • delivering your presentation with poise
  • scanning audience for feedback
  • dealing with nervousness
  • handling audience questions

Contact the Seminar Chair to discuss group training options at your office.