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Professional Development Seminars

Registration fees and policies

Members $225 + tax
Non-members $350 + tax
Student members $150 + tax


Cancellation policy

If Editors Ottawa-Gatineau cancels a seminar, we will refund your paid registration fee in full.

If you wish to cancel your registration, the following terms apply:

  • You must send an email to to notify us that you are canceling your registration.
  • If you cancel before registration closes (up to one week before the seminar) we will refund 50 percent of your paid registration fee.
  • If you cancel after registration closes (within seven days of the seminar), no refund is possible.

Contact for all seminar registration and cancellation enquiries.


Seminars for Fall 2021

Editors Ottawa-Gatineau has moved our Professional Development seminars to an online format, using Zoom. These are 6-hour, real-time, instructor-led workshops with hands-on exercises, discussions, and personal attention. Although our seminars are completely virtual, they are not webinars and they will not be recorded.

  • Grammar Boot Camp with Frances Peck on September 23, September 29, October 7, and October 14 (four consecutive Thursdays)
  • Copy Editing II with Moira White on November 12 & 19 (two half-days)

We are planning more online seminars for fall 2021 and we will announce them here as soon as the schedule is confirmed. We plan to resume in-person seminars again once Covid-19 restrictions permit.


Copy Editing II with Moira White

Friday November 12, 9:00am –12:00pm &
Friday November 19, 9:00am –12:00pm

“Superb copyeditors need good judgment as much as language skills, and they must vary their decisions depending on the author they are working with and the conventions of his particular subject area.” (Rosemary Shipton in Darcy Cullen, ed., Editors, Scholars, and the Social Text)

Copy editors constantly need to make editorial and process decisions. Not only does the English language allow a variety of ways to edit most texts, but also clients’ needs vary from project to project. Copy editors can also offer value through their wide knowledge of language and content, as well as their skill with electronic editing tools.

In this seminar, you’ll practice on a variety of documents and learn tips and tricks from an experienced copy editor. You’ll leave with the confidence to tune your edit appropriately and sensitively, customizing each document to its genre and situation. You’ll also leave with a detailed handbook that covers the seminar content and more.
·         Where copy editing fits in the editorial process.
·         When and how to make decisions on grammar, punctuation, tone, length, language level, etc.
·         What value add-ons you can offer, such as creating a style sheet, checking facts, correcting usage, and formatting documents.
·         How to work efficiently using checklists, consistency-checking software, and Word’s editorial tools.
·         Apply plain language techniques.
·         Hone your technique for spotting errors.
·         Learn more about stylistic considerations.
·         Determine how much to edit.

About the Instructor

Moira Rayner White is an Ottawa-based editor, writer, and trainer. She has decades of experience in plain language editing, writing, and teaching for government and corporate clients. She has a Master’s degree in Social Policy and extensive experience editing documents so that they can be clearly understood by their intended audience.

Moira has specific training in plain language communication, copy editing, structural editing, stylistic editing, and proofreading. She has managed onsite production of reports in Canada, the United States, and Europe; has travelled across Canada with public consultations writing, editing, and producing reports; and has synthesized the work of multiple authors.

Moira is an honorary life member and past president of Editors’ Association of Canada ( She is also a member of PLAIN (

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