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Executive Position Descriptions - Editors Québec

*These positions must be filled by voting members in good standing.
+These positions should be filled by members living in the Greater Montreal area.

•    Provides leadership to Editors Québec.
•    Coordinates branch activities and leads the executive council in setting goals and objectives.
•    Prepares the agenda and leads general meetings and meetings of the executive council.
•    Serves as an ex-officio member of Editors Québec committees.
•    Ensures coordination between council members and administrative staff.
•    Heightens awareness of the Editors Québec program among organizations of language professionals by establishing reciprocity agreements.
•    Maintains links with the chairs of other branches.

•    Prepares the agendas for executive meetings (with input from its members) and distributes them to all participants one week before the meeting.
•    Writes the minutes of meetings and distributes them within a week of each meeting.
•    Prepares a brief summary of general meetings.
•    Keeps the minute book up-to-date.
•    Organizes the executive meetings and reserves the meeting venue.
•    Distributes copies of the minutes and any supporting documents to members on request.
•    Keeps track of motions, important suggestions and recommendations arising from email discussions.

•    Handles or coordinates all bank and financial transactions for the branch.
•    Provides receipts to the members, as required.
•    Maintains accurate registers of income and expenses and prepares periodic financial statements as well as a year-end statement.
•    Establishes relationships with the national treasurer and the Editors/Réviseurs Canada national office.

*Communications Chair
•    Takes on the responsibility for raising the profile of the branch and of editors among clients, potential members and other relevant associations and groups.
•    Works closely with the other chairs to coordinate promotion and publicity of the branch's activities (monthly meetings, professional development, special events and other activities) among current and potential members and related associations of language professionals.
•    Leads the planning committee in the preparation and implementation of an action plan and a marketing schedule based on the goals established for Editors Québec activities.
•    Presents the action plan and marketing schedule to the executive in August for review and approval.
•    Develops a budget for the year's marketing activities.


Blog Managing Editor - Editors Québec
•    Gathers solicited and unsolicited materials.
•    Establishes the online publication schedule.
•    Ensures coordination with volunteer translators and editors.
•    Formulates the design, format and layout to ensure uniformity and quality.
•    Ensures liaison with the executive and other chairs.

Events/Meetings Chair
•    Organizes at least four activities per year (from September to May).
•    Keeps up-to-date with other activities organized in the region having a direct or indirect link to editing.
•    Reserves venues for holding meetings and other get-togethers.
•    Prepares descriptions of activities and coordinates translation.
•    Ensures liaison with the communications chair to oversee the adequate posting of meeting and other activity announcements on social media.
•    Ensures that the information on the Editors Québec branch's Monthly Events webpage is up-to-date and accurate.

+Professional Development Chair
•    Prepares a professional development course plan for the coming year.
•    Presents the professional development course plan to the executive in August.
•    Establishes a budget for professional development on a cost-recovery basis and presents it to the executive for review and approval.
•    Organizes and coordinates seminars and other professional development initiatives (half-day and full-day).
•    Prepares or delegates the preparation of a summary of each seminar for publication.
•    Ensures that the information for Editors Québec Professional Development webpage is up-to-date and accurate.

Membership/Volunteer Relations Chair
•    Responds to requests for general information about membership in Editors/Réviseurs Canada.
•    Discusses the tasks to be accomplished for the branch with members of the executive, and proposes new roles as needed.
•    Establishes contact with new members, with former members who have not renewed and with people who might be interested in joining Editors/Réviseurs Canada.
•    Maintains a database of people interested in Editors/Réviseurs Canada who are not members, and ensures that they get the requested information.
•    Encourages members to get involved in the branch's various committees or in specific projects.
•    Keeps a register of members' volunteer contributions towards the accomplishment of the branch's activities.

(Updated September 2015)