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BoldFace: The official blog of Editors Toronto

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BoldFace is the official blog of Editors Toronto. Articles on various topics of interest and updates on association and branch news and events are featured on the blog. An option to sign up and receive notifications of new BoldFace blog posts by email is also available.

Readers can enjoy timely and relevant information on BoldFace, including:  
  • articles on editing, language, communication, and publishing, as well as other industry-related topics, written by Editors Canada members and other professional editors; 
  • program highlights from Editors Toronto’s monthly meetings and interviews with our guest speakers; 
  • Editors Toronto executive committee news; 
  • information about professional development seminars and other networking opportunities and social events; and
  • volunteer opportunities within the association, including volunteering for BoldFace
Please contact the editor-in-chief at with any questions or content suggestions you may have regarding BoldFace.