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Edition: Editors Toronto newsletter

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Edition was the Editors Toronto newsletter published from October 2005 until March 2013, in print and later in PDF. Editors Toronto launched its online blog, BoldFace, to replace the newsletter, to continue sharing important news and updates with our members and other editors in our community. The newsletter made a triumphant return in January 2020 as a monthly email to our subscribers. The newsletter covers all Editors Toronto news and announcements, members updates, and recent BoldFace articles.

Edition is only available in PDF and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed and printed.


March 2013

Visiting China: I saw the signs

Wordplay: At the end of the day

Editor's Bookshelf









March 2012

Five ways to improve your productivity

2012 conference update

Books: Better baked than burned

Getting twiggy with it

Wordplay: genitive






December 2011

Editing-inspired holiday gift guide

Reports from The Word On The Street

Update on EAC's 2012 conference








October 2011

Back to school

The best editing and writing advice I ever got

Wordplay: school








July 2011

Editing in a tech world

Update on Toronto's executive committee

Notes from the 2011 conference

Beginner's luck: A new beginning

Wordplay: Vancouver






May 2011

On-screen vs. hard-copy editing

Beginner's luck: Backing up your system

Apps for editors on the go

Wordplay: e







March 2011

Review of Bill C-32

Irish vocabulary challenge

Beginner's luck: Social media and the newbie

Wordplay: Blarney, baloney, and etymology







January/February 2011

What does Bill C-32 mean for editors?

Is editing harming your health?

What do you do when life gets in the way of your career?








November 2010

Get the #$5* out!: The war on curse words

Vocabulary challenge

Beginner's luck: Learning when to say "no"

Editor's bookshelf: The Chicago Manual of Style, Practical Grammar, and Nutshell Library







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter September 2010September 2010

Social media and related terms now in Oxford Dictionary

Beginner’s luck: Asking stupid questions

Wordplay: morpheme






July 2010

Grammar food for thought: An editor’s observations on grammar and usage

Two-minute yoga magic

Wordplay: Just deserts








Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter April 2010April 2010

Grammar food for thought: Figures of speech that don’t work

Seminar chair’s report

Wordplay: Eh









Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter March 2010March 2010

Grammar food for thought

Toronto branch executive call for nominations

Wordplay: mucous, mucus, nauseous









Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter February 2010February 2010

Secretary’s report

Call for volunteers

Why the EAC mailing list still matters








Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter December 2009December 2009

Past program report: The trials and tribulations of self-publishing

The freelancing life

Book reviews









Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter November 2009November 2009

Past program report: Tips of the trade

Grammar food for thought: Jane Austen’s English

A pictorial snapshot of Word On The Street

Upcoming seminars







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter October 2009October 2009

Q & A with EAC's four certified editors

Past program report: An insider's view of the production department
Upcoming seminars

Member profiles

James Harbeck's witty Wordplay column







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter September 2009September 2009

APA style: Old and new

Past program report: Year-end party

A preview of the fall seminar lineup

Member profiles

The return of the Networking column







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter June 2009June 2009

An editor’s tools—circa 1979

Past program report: Conference mania

Book review: The Surface of Meaning by Robert Bringhurst

Members’ Corner: What does EAC mean to you?







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter May 2009May 2009

EAC 30th anniversary celebratory issues: Part II

Feature article: Fostering community, managing change: A retrospective review of Edition

Past program report: Tips for tax time

Freya Godard’s Grammar food for thought

Book Review: On the Dot: The Speck That Changed the World by Alexander Humez and Nicholas Humez




Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter April 2009

April 2009

An encyclopedic essay on the Toronto branch

Members’ reflections on what EAC means to them

Freya Godard’s grammar column: A miscellany of faulty usage and syntax

A review of David Wolman’s Righting the Mother Tongue: From Olde English to E-mail, the Tangled Story of English Spelling.






Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter March 2009March 2009

Style Tips for Academic Authors and Their Editors

Branch executive reports and a message from the EAC conference organizers

Freya Godard’s Grammar food for thought: Sentence fragments

Book review: David Wilton’s Word Myths: Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter February 2009February 2009

Past program report: The Canadian magazine industry. A panel with Penny Caldwell, Craig Saunders, and D. B. Scott

Mining the college experience: Student views on editorial education

Laughable language: A review of June Casagrande’s Mortal Syntax: 101 Language Choices That Will Get You Clobbered by the Grammar Snobs—Even If You’re Right







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter December 2008December 2008

Past program report: Business relationship management essentials for editors

Feature article: Before we were editors

Freya’s Grammar food for thought: Editor, author, and grammar

Book review: Arthur Plotnik’s Spunk & Bite: A Writer’s Guide to Bold, Contemporary Style







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter November 2008November 2008

Past program report: Sometimes editing reduces you to tears

A summary of The Word On The Street in Toronto and Kitchener

Why we procrastinate and how to overcome it

Freya’s Grammar food for thought: Rules reconsidered (2)

Book review: Regret the Error: How Media Mistakes Pollute the Press and Imperil Free Speech





Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter October 2008October 2008

Coping with jobs you don't enjoy

The 2008 Eden Mills Writers' Festival

Freya's grammar column: that and which reconsidered

Upcoming seminars

Review of The Prodigal Tongue: Dispatches From The Future of English

Members' corner: EAC e-forum acronyms





Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter September 2008September 2008

Reflections from Editing in the Global Village

Past program reports: Transitioning to new media & the year-end party in pictures

The view from the new branch chair

Educating editors: Editors, it’s time for some learning

Review of Treasure-House of the Language: The Living OED





Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter June 2008June 2008

Results of the 2008 executive elections

Foreign languages in an English text

Past program report: Copyrights anyone?

Editing on-screen versus editing on paper

Book review: The Artful Edit: On the practice of editing yourself






Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter May 2008May 2008

Past program report: Finding a niche

How the EAC e-forum rescued me (again)

The Online Directory of Editors

Canadianizing British books

Review of Robert Weaver: Godfather of Canadian Literature






Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter April 2008

April 2008

Past program report: Freedom of expression

April seminars

Problems with the colon

Review of Six Words You Never Knew Had Something to Do with Pigs







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter March 2008March 2008

Should You Become Certified?

March seminars

Grammar Food for Thought

Review of Rotten English

How to Beat the Winter Blues





February 2008

Freelance versus in-house: pros and cons

A meeting of minds: Globe and Mail obituary editor presentation

Professional Development: February 2008 Seminars
A review of books: What do our executive board members use?








December 2007

Past Program Report: Desert Island Read?

Toronto Branch Executive

Professional Development: December 2007 Seminars

Creative Correctness

Book Review: The Elements of Style, illustrated edition






November 2007

Past Program Report: 'Cover Your But': A Report on Why and 'Error' Isn't

Toronto Branch Executive

Professional Development: November 2007 Seminars

Who I Am as Editor? Reflections on Identity

A Review of Books: What Executive Members Are Using






Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter October 2007October 2007

Program Report: Mixing Business with Movement

Toronto Branch Executive

Professional Development: A New 
Season of Seminars

Grammar Food for Thought

A Brief History of EAC

Book Review: The First Man in My Life





June 2007

Program report: Wine, cheese, and books

Professional Development Report

Grammar Food for Thought

Year-end Party Announcement






May 2007

Program report: The Art of Spoken English

As Good as it Gets

Results of Toronto branch election

Professional Development Calendar






Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter April 2007April 2007

Program report: Income Tax Clinic for the Self-Employed

Reflections On Writing

Grammar Food for Thought

Gilda Mekler: A Memorial Collage








March 2007

Program report: Seminar Roundtable Discussion

Make the Most of Your Hired Guns

Grammar Food for Thought

In the News: Toronto Branch Member Passes Away






Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter February 2007February 2007

Program report: Small Office Strategies

How to Read a Novel

Grammar Food for Thought

In the News: Why Are First-Rate Novels So Rare?








December 2006

Program report: Broad brush strokes

On reading as a writer

Grammar food for thought

Insights into the Publishing Process seminar






November 2006

Program report: The pain and pleasure of editing (Audio)

The Word on the Street: Toronto and Kitchener

Grammar food for thought

A room full of strangers






October 2006

Program Report: 2006-2007 speakers program lineup

Once upon a time at Eden Mills

Grammar food for thought

Place five arrows in your marketing quiver

The Renaissance Soul of an Editor




September 2006

Program Report: Program dilemma produces a fun evening

Diary notes from the EAC 2006 conference in Vancouver

Grammar food for thought

Introducing the power of podcasting

Is e-mail eating your precious time?





Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter June 2006

June 2006

Program Report: Magazines and the Web

How to Get Published

Industry Briefs: Book Ninja









May 2006

Program Report: Good-bye, City Life!

The Survey Says

Industry Briefs: The Hamilton Literary Scene 









April 2006

Program Report: Let's Get Personal

Is the Canadian Freelance Union for You?

Lessons Learned: More Lessons Learned from a First-time Editor

Industry Briefs: The State of Crime Fiction Writing in Canada







Edition - Editors Toronto newsletter March 2006March 2006

Program Report: Web Marketing for Freelancers

Industry Briefs: Trade Book Publishing Trends for 2006

Poem: The Editor Falls Asleep









Feb 2006

Program Report: Editors Get a Kick out of November's Meeting

Industry Briefs: Finances for the Freelance Editor

East End Writers' Group Profile

Lessons Learned with a First-Time Author








December 2005

The Great Rate Debate: Results

Industry Briefs: Recommended Reading










November 2005

Romancing the Word - True Stories about Editing Sex: September 2005 Program Report

Seminar Spotlight on Jan Walters

The Word on the Street Festival

Industry Briefs: Newspaper Journalism's Prince of Professional Development

My Experience at the Humber Creative Book Publishing Program

Photo Contest Winner

Editing is a Bloody Trade




October 2005

Lost Without Translation: Program Report









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