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Looking for an Editor?

Search the Online Directory of Editors (ODE). You can search for editors by name, location, skills and experience, and working languages.

You can also pay the required fee to post a position on our national job board. The board is accessible to Editors Canada members only. Only paid positions will be posted; notices for volunteer work and jobs that pay on deferral will not be posted. Send your posting to

If you have a job posting that is not suitable for the national job board —for example, an unpaid internship or a job that pays on deferral—contact the Editors Toronto administrator at We may be able to share your position with the membership via email or by posting it on this site.

You may want to read over the definitions of the different types of editing first to assess what your project needs. For example, do you want an editor to suggest ways to clarify or reorganize your document or do you want an editor to simply check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation? Further details on the different types of editing are available in EAC’s Professional Editorial Standards.

Once you’ve found a potential editor to hire, you should ask for their resumé, work samples, and references. It is also a good idea to provide a sample of your document or project so that the editor may accurately estimate the time the project will take. Learn more about different resources offered by EAC to help you determine what kind of editor you need and how to find the right editor.