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Staples Advantage Account manager: Susan Hart

Fax: 800-363-8556
Phone: 800-363-8555 x8396

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Staples Advantage


Editors Canada knows the value of a comfortable work environment. That’s why we’re expanding our member services to include the Staples Advantage Program!

Editors Canada has partnered with the Staples Advantage Program to bring you the best prices on frequently used office supplies. You told us what office items you use the most and we’ve found a program to serve your needs! By signing up for the Staples Advantage discount program, you will have access to a core list of discounted items, as well as a personalized list of printer toner specific to your printer, available online at

Here are just some of the added perks you'll enjoy as a Staples Advantage customer:

  • frequent promotional sales offered online by Staples Advantage
  • convenient online or telephone shopping and fast delivery
  • consistent, competitive pricing supported by Staples' industry-leading buying power
  • a dedicated Staples Advantage Account Manager to monitor your core products and suggest alternative products that may be of better value.
  • streamlined ordering and invoice processing to help reduce your supplier count and save you money
  • free next-day delivery for all orders over $50, saving you the $5 order charge that is applied on orders less than $50 (50% of the savings are donated to Tree Canada to offset the environmental impact of small orders) 

How do I sign up?

  1. Once the form is filled out, send it to Editors Canada’s Staples Advantage account manager, Susan Hart, at (or by fax at 800-363-8556).
  2. Staples Advantage will send you a confirmation email with your account details once your form has been processed. 

Staples Advantage FAQ

  • What are the items on Editors Canada’s list of discounted office tools?


  • How do I get discounts on printer toner for my printer?

When you fill out the form to sign up for the Staples Advantage program, be sure to complete the information about the make and model number of your printer. Editors Canada’s Staples Advantage account manager will use this to find the best toner prices for you.

  • I was a member of Editors Canada’s Staples Preferred program. What happened to my Staples Preferred membership? Will my Staples Preferred membership automatically be transferred to the Staples Advantage program?

Editors Canada’s Staples Preferred program is now closed, but we’re happy to offer members Staples Advantage, which is a completely separate program. If you had an account with Staples Preferred, it has been closed. If you would like to take part in Staples Advantage, you must fill out the Staples Advantage form and send it to our account manager, Susan Hart, at (or by fax at 800-363-8556).   

  • Is there a minimum order fee?

There is no minimum order fee; however, orders under $50 will be subject to a $5 shipping and handling fee.  

  • Is there a fee for shipping?

For office supply orders under $50, there is a $5 shipping and handling fee. 

  • How will I pay for my online purchases?

Staples Advantage offers a secure site for payment by credit card. 

  • I’m concerned about security. Is it necessary to email my credit card information when I sign up for the program?

No. The only time you will be required to present your credit card information is when you are paying for your purchases on the secure website. 

  • Are these discounts available in-store?

No. The Staples Advantage Program is for online or telephone shopping only.

  • How much am I saving?

Savings are dependent on the item and the promotion. You can compare the prices of 

to the catalogue prices to see how much you are saving on a particular item. Pricing may be adjusted for bulk orders and expansive items.





For more information about the Staples Advantage program, contact customer service directly at 877 272-2121, or contact Staples Advantage account manager, Susan Hart, at (phone: 800-363-8555 x8396 or fax 800-363-8556).