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Welcome to Editors Canada Twitter chats (#EditorsChat)

Upcoming Twitter chats

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What's a Twitter chat?

Twitter chats are live, hour-long online discussions about fun and informative topics of common interest.

With Twitter chats, we'll have one more way to communicate with members and affiliates, and for you to communicate with one another as well.


How do they work?

Editors Canada sets a topic of discussion for each chat.

All participants use the common #EditorsChat hashtag so the Tweets are filtered together into a single conversation.

Our Twitter chats are led by a host and guest speakers.


The #EditorsChat format

1. Each Twitter chat begins as a Q&A between the host and our guest speakers.


"Q1 What advice do you have for juggling deadlines and your personal life at busy times of the year (e.g., the holidays)? #EditorsChat"

"A1 Communication during hectic times is key—if life and work are on a collision course, I speak to my client ASAP re: triaging. #EditorsChat"

Please note that each question is numbered (Q1, Q2, etc.) and each corresponding answer is numbered as well (A1, A2, etc.).

Each Tweet also contains our common #EditorsChat hashtag.

2. Join in by tweeting your response using the corresponding answer number and the #EditorsChat hashtag.


"A1 Definitely open dialogue to manage expectations, but I also think it's a good idea to schedule downtime and stick to it. #EditorsChat"

"A1 Depends how much I need the job. Freelance work isn't always steady. If I need the income, I find a way to do the work. #EditorsChat"

3. If you have questions, ask them using the #EditorsChat hashtag. The host will make note of questions as they come in, number them, and retweet them in sequence for the guest speakers and other participants.


"Any time-management tips for tackling a project? #EditorsChat"

"Q2 Any time-management tips for tackling a project? #EditorsChat"

"A2 Skim the project first, determine what you can do to meet the deadline, and discuss that with your client. #EditorsChat"

"A2 If time is of the essence, I make clarity job one. Spelling mistakes won't matter if the content is incomprehensible. #EditorsChat"


Tips and tools

There are a number of third-party applications that can help users manage hashtags and filters. Some examples are TweetChat, Hootsuite and TweetDeck.

You can also follow Twitter chats on Visit this URL (or log into Twitter and search for "#EditorsChat") when the chat begins to read along as the conversation unfolds.

Make sure you're following the Live stream!
If you're following the Twitter chat on, make sure you're viewing the "Live" stream so you see all of the conversation.

Twitter chats live stream

Ask your questions in advance
Have a question for our guest speakers, but don't want to ask it in front of an audience? Send your question in advance to, and we'll ask it for you.

Tips for Twitter newbies
Need a crash course on using Twitter? Check out these social media tips we put together for our 2013 #hireaneditor campaign.


Past Twitter chats

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#EditorsChat 1: Certification Q&A and Study Tips chat
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Help us shape Twitter chats

We'd love to hear your ideas for future chat topics and guest tweeters. Send your ideas to