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my rEwArds Card

Call for Volunteers l my rEwArds Card

In September 2012 the Toronto branch executive introduced a new way of thanking volunteers for all the work that they—you!—do.


Every member gets a my rEwArds Card, with eight blank boxes on it. Every time you volunteer, you can collect a check from a member of the Toronto branch executive. When you get eight checks, you qualify for a prize. You get your choice of:

• One free seminar
• A half-price one-year EAC membership
• One certification study guide in both PDF and hard copy

(Prizes may be subject to change without notice. You may only claim the half-price membership once every two years.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a check look like?

The executive member will enter an abbreviated description of your volunteer contribution, the date on which you completed it, and his or her initials in the appropriate squares on the back of your card.



How do I ask an executive member to check my card?

If an executive member is present when you are volunteering—for example, in the booth at The Word On The Street (WOTS)—simply show your card and request a check. Otherwise, show your card and an item of proof when you next see an executive member.


• If you volunteered for a committee, an item of proof would be an email from the committee chair thanking you for your work.
• If you wrote an article for BoldFace, an item of proof would be a working URL or a printout of the article and your byline.

Do I need to get checks on my physical card or can I collect my checks virtually?

If you prefer, you may collect electronic items of proof (for example: a link to your article on BoldFace, or an email from an executive member thanking you for your contribution).

How do I exchange my full my rEwArds Card for a prize?

Once you have collected eight checks or eight items of proof (or a combination of the two), contact the branch vice-chair ( and state which prize you would like to collect. (Remember, you can only collect the half-price membership once every two years.)

You can email the items of proof or a scan of the fully checked card to the vice-chair (, or you can show the vice-chair your fully checked card at a branch meeting or other event. The vice-chair will review your items of proof and, if everything is in order, the vice-chair will contact the branch administrator and approve your prize.

Are all branch volunteer activities eligible?

No, not all activities are eligible for checks. If you host a seminar, you are not eligible for a check, since you have already accessed a free seminar. If you are a member of the Toronto branch executive committee, you may only receive checks for the activities you perform that are not related to your portfolio. For example, if you write a chair report for BoldFace, you do not receive a check. If you review a book for BoldFace, however, you would earn a check. (For a full list of eligible volunteer activities, please click



Does my volunteer work at the national level count?

No. The my rEwArds Card is a Toronto branch initiative. Serving on national EAC committees, volunteering for the annual conference, piloting certification tests, and participating in any other national-level activities do not count. (For a full list of eligible volunteer activities, please click




What do you mean by “term”?

A “term” means half a year in EAC time; so, either January to May or June to December within one calendar year.

Some volunteer activities are one-time events—for example, working as a greeter at a branch meeting or a special event. Others involve longer commitments—for example, serving on a committee or working as a mentor. People who make longer commitments get two checks per term.

May I use the my rEwArds Card if I am a twig member?

Yes—and thank you for volunteering! However, please note that if there is more than one person vying for a volunteer opportunity, preference will be given to the Toronto branch member.