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Explore a new editorial niche at Editors 22

Published on: May 05, 2022

" The conference logo is a wave of vertical, pointed blue shapes representing a stylized illustration of the Northern Lights. The Editors Canada logo and wordmark are also present. Text reads: Editing for a Changing World / La révision pour un monde en changement / May 28-29, 2022 | 28-29 mai 2022"

Editors can be found everywhere! We work in book and magazine publishing, journalism, sales and marketing, manufacturing, government, law, education and many other fields. We can be generalists who work on all kinds of content, but we can also be specialists in a field.
Want to expand your repertoire? Check out some of the niche sessions we're offering at Editors Canada's virtual conference, Editors 22: Editing for a Changing World.
Ryan Penk 
Branching out: Working on Interactive Stories
Tanya Gold, Ryan Penk, Simone D. Sallé
Do you enjoy stories you can actively participate in? Are you interested in learning more about working on them? Join a video-game writer, a role-playing-game editor, and a translator of interactive books as they discuss the joys and complexities of working on nonlinear, branching, and interactive storytelling across different types of platforms.
Carole Sigouin
Technique de localisation dans les soins de santé (adaptation en post-révision)
Claudia Lefebvre, Carole Sigouin
Cet atelier fera la lumière sur ce qu'un réviseur d'expérience en soins de santé peut faire lorsqu'une demande de post-révision d'un texte déjà traduit lui est présentée. Cette méthode est communément appelée, la localisation soit, l'adaptation culturelle selon le public ciblé. Dans cet atelier, nous verrons comment entreprendre un projet de localisation, faire les recherches terminologiques, comprendre les nuances des milieux hospitaliers québécois versus ceux du reste du Canada.
Kara Cybanski
Editing Children's Books: Education and Inclusion
Kara Cybanski
This session will explore the complexities of editing educational children's books, namely balancing the didactic and entertainment value of the work. The team behind a children's book has a responsibility: providing materials that are a) engaging for the intended age group, b) representative of diverse children's experiences, and c) educational in more ways than one. Using materials from DC Canada Education Publishing as examples, this presentation will illustrate how an editor can ensure the book meets these objectives and fits the publisher's or author's mandate.
Editing and Art-Making
Lenore Hietkamp
Many editors pursue artistic endeavours. The more I paint, the more I ponder the relationship between painting and editing. This talk explores the skills and capacities that thread through the “Sister Arts”—the textual and the visual—and looks at how the two pursuits can enhance, or hinder, each other.
Tanya Gold
Rachel Oestreich
No Kind of Magic: Practical Considerations for Editing Retellings
Jessica Coles, Tanya Gold, Rachel Oestreich
Enjoy new adaptations of well-known stories? Interested in editing them? Join editors who work on retellings for a conversation on the stories we tell again and again. They'll discuss what makes a retelling compelling, current reader expectations, and what editors should consider when working on them.
…and so much more! If you're ready to explore new editing worlds, join us online May 28–29, 2022, for Editors 22: Editing for a Changing World.
Visit the conference website for a full list of sessions. And don't forget, all conference sessions will be recorded so you won't have to choose between sessions during the conference weekend. Until August 31, 2022, you'll be able to watch the recording of any conference session.
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