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Get hired! Take part in the Hire an Editor campaign!

Published on: April 04, 2021

The #HireAnEditor campaign is here!

Want to find more paid work for editors? Join the #HireAnEditor campaign.

Every editor has a vested interest in this campaign—whether you're looking for editing work now, will be in the future, or you're winding down your career but still advocate for the editing profession. By actively participating, you will contribute to the growth of the editing industry.

As editors, we know how vital our role is in effective communication. This spring we'll get the word out about the value editors add to their organizations. How can they prevent costly errors? What are the benefits of hiring an editor?

Let's demonstrate our expertise. Let's get communications managers and directors thinking about hiring editors to fill the skills gaps in their organizations.

Let's motivate them to add new editorial staff to their 2021–2022 recruitment plans.

Your participation is key

April 5 to 16, we're running a social media campaign to promote hiring an editor.

Your participation is the key to making this campaign a success. You can help in three ways.

1. Follow Editors Canada on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. That's where we'll be pushing out our key #HireAnEditor messages, which are based on Five Good Reasons (to Hire an Editor).

  • We're versatile.
  • We can save time for large corporations, small businesses, government departments and agencies, nonprofit organizations, post-secondary schools and institutions and advertising agencies.
  • We can save them money, too.
  • We make sure peoples' messages are clear.
  • We help people look good.

2. Share and retweet. Don't sit on the sidelines and just "like" what you see. Join in! Share the messages with your network, tweak them to make them your own, and take part in the discussions that arise.

Using your own social media channels, you'll act as a "hire an editor" brand ambassador. By actively participating in the campaign, you'll not only help to raise the profile of the editing profession, you'll publicize your own qualifications as an editor.

3. Encourage your editing colleagues to join the campaign. The bigger the campaign, the greater our reach will be.

The hire an editor campaign launches April 5. We'll show the world that quality matters.