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Tell us about the editing heroes in your community (now accepting 2022 Karen Virag Award nominations)

Published on: December 05, 2021

Each year, Editors Canada presents several awards recognizing excellence in editing and service to the organization. We're proud to acknowledge the editors who have shown remarkable talent and dedication over the course of the previous year.

The Karen Virag Award plays a different role. It honours those who promote the importance of the editing profession.

We're talking about the individuals or organizations that go out of their way to raise the profile of our profession in their communities year after year.

Tell us about one of your editing heroes by submitting a nomination for the Karen Virag Award.


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The Karen Virag Award

This award was created in memory of long-time association member Karen Virag, and in recognition of her many contributions to the profession. The Karen Virag Award recognizes the efforts of an editor or an organization to raise the profile of editing in their community. The recipient will receive a cash award of $400.


Submit your nomination

Nominations for the Karen Virag Award are now open. Nominees may be individuals or organizations, members or non-members. Both members and non-members are welcome to submit nominations!

A nominee's contribution may take a variety of forms, including one or more of the following:

  • writing,
  • public speaking,
  • teaching,
  • participating in broadcast or new media, and
  • sponsoring editing-related activities and community building in Canada and abroad.

Nomination packages are to be submitted in digital format and must include

  • a letter of nomination (100 to 300 words) that clearly and convincingly explains the contribution made by the nominee, and
  • supporting documentation.




The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 25, 2022.


Spread the word

Editors Canada did not present the Karen Virag Award in 2021 due to a lack of nominations. It was the first time the award was not presented since it was created in 2014 and first awarded in 2016.

"Karen was a hero in our profession," says Editors Canada president Heather Buzila. "I encourage everyone in our community to think about their own editing heroes when it's time to nominate someone for the 2022 Karen Virag Award. Please help us recognize those who champion what editors do and who know how valuable we are."


More information

For complete nomination instructions and other information about the award, visit the Karen Virag Award page.