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Editors British Columbia: West Coast Editor 2001

West Coast Editor is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and is sent by email monthly to members. To view the journal, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software program which can be downloaded from the Adobe site.

The following issues are available for download from the year 2001:

December 2001:

  • Getting to know your reader
  • Editing techniques for the web
  • Communications mega-mixer planned for February
  • News from national
  • Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge devices

November 2001:

  • What is rhetoric? And why does an editor need to know about it?
  • Networking tips
  • Editing that works-and plays
  • After Word (on the Street)

October 2001:

  • News of executive changes
  • Helpful advice on getting started or changing directions as an editor
  • Winnifred's report from the national association
  • A preview of October's meeting program, featuring networking expert Moe Somani

September 2001:

  • The EAC-BC forum on how editors get started and change direction
  • Winnifred's news from National
  • A preview of our exciting fall programs
  • Great tips from two organizing pros on how to manage all those pieces of paper that make it into our homes and offices

June 2001:

  • "Eight Step Editing" -- Jim Taylor's tips for increasing readability, making it simpler, not simple
  • Well-worn shoes to fill: Ann-Marie Metten puts out a call to experienced members interested in serving as BC Branch Chair for the next year
  • An insider's view of fiction publishing, for writers and editors alike
  • Winners of the BC Book Prizes, Red Cedar Book Awards, and our own 2000 Tom Fairley Award
  • Profiles of our new Executive

May 2001:

  • Tips and information on plain language editing and writing
  • Answer to the question "Can an editor be sued for defamation?"
  • Preview of workshops at this year's Editing That Works national conference
  • List of new executive members for EAC-BC

April 2001:

  • Editing humour
  • Writing a successful query letter,
  • Serving on next year's BC executive
  • Editing related events in both Vancouver and Victoria

March 2001:

  • Betsy Brierly's notes on editing the BC bestseller Don't Turn Your Back in the Barn
  • Carmel Thomson's writeup of an annual event to build communication among editors, graphic artists and public relations writers in Victoria
  • Loads of news about national executive activities following the meeting here in February
  • A call for nominations for next year's executive

February 2001:

  • Daniel Francis on editing the Encyclopedia of British Columbia
  • Spring 2001 Professional Development Workshops
  • A call for volunteers
  • Vancouver in Print: an exhibition highlighting 100 books from the city's past 100 years
  • Freedom to Read Week, February 25 to March 3, 2001

January 2001:

  • Ways to keep your tax filing up-to-date and manageable
  • Dates for professional development workshops this spring
  • Plans for meetings with both the general membership and the association's national executive

The following issues are also available for download from this site: