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Editors British Columbia: West Coast Editor 2002

West Coast Editor is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and is sent by email monthly to members. To view the journal, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software program which can be downloaded from the Adobe site.

Note: We are now using InDesign to create our PDF version of West Coast Editor. Ifyou experience any difficulty in opening your document, please go to:
and download the latestreader.

The following issues are available for download from the year 2002:

December 2002:

  • Meet John Vigna, EAC-BC member and young entrepreneur of the year!
  • What happened when the Gordon Group came to Vancouver.
  • Get the lowdown on the Surrey International Writers Festival.
  • Mark your calendars -- Strategic Connections is coming round again.
  • Learn some top tips on making the most of your Web site.

November 2002:

  • Get the inside scoop on The Word on the Street
  • Find out what it's really like to be an Editorial Intern
  • Have you seen these signs?
  • Meet our new Membership Chair

October 2002:

  • Learn a new onscreen approach to dealing with typos
  • The Executive -- who is this mysterious group?
  • Sentence length -- how long is too long?

September 2002:

  • Find out what really happened in Montreal this summer
  • Discover the history of Trek Magazine
  • Sharpen your pencils and fish out your calendars -
    lots of What's On details to fill your fall schedule

June 2002:

  • Find out what EAC's certification exams are all about
  • What makes a good editor?
  • Recognizing our volunteers
  • Academic editing, abstracts, and end notes

May 2002:

  • Explore the ethics of editing
  • In defence of "hopefully" as a sentence adverb
  • The upcoming Conference 2002 in Toronto

April 2002:

  • How to get started as an editor, or switch from in-house to freelance
  • Book review: Language and the Internet by David Crystal
  • More about Winnifred Assmann
  • New and fun resource for people who like words

March 2002:

  • Find out what Strategic Connections was all about
  • Get the latest news and updates from national
  • Learn a bit about the man behind Eight Step Editing, Jim Taylor
  • Meet the new West Coast Editor co-editor and the editorial team

February 2002:

  • A report on January's town hall meeting
  • Overview of Spring 2002 workshops
  • Strategic Connections 2002
  • BC Book and Magazine Week contest
  • 2002 Fairley Award worth $2000
  • National conference May 24-26

January 2002:

  • Information about the EAC restructuring proposal
  • Censorship during Freedom to Read Week
  • EAC-BC display in the Vancouver Public Library
  • Flashes on the national conference 2002 in Montreal
  • A brief preview of EAC-BC spring workshops

The following issues are also available for download from this site: