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Editors British Columbia: West Coast Editor 2003

West Coast Editor is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and is sent by email monthly to members. To view the journal, you may use Adobe Reader, a free software program which can be downloaded from the Adobe Systems Web site. Adobe Reader, its predecessor Acrobat Reader, or other PDF-reading software may already be installed on your computer.

Note: We are now using Adobe InDesign to create our PDF version of West Coast Editor. If you experience any difficulty in opening your document, please go to Adobe Systems and download the latest Adobe Reader.

The following issues are available for download from the year 2003:

December 2003:

  • Word on the Street 2003
  • Gift suggestions for editors
  • Relative clauses
  • January meeting: certification

November 2003:

  • Jim Sutherland of Vancouver magazine
  • Grammar tips and tricks: workshop report
  • How lenient should we be in editing written English?
  • The new Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed.
  • Jane Fairbanks, new EAC-BC Secretary

October 2003:

  • Find out more about copyright law
  • Learn some of the secrets of indexing
  • Look forward to this month's meeting

September 2003:

  • Read about Conference 2003: Words Bridging Communities
  • Take the Grammar and Usage Quiz
  • Meet your new Executive
  • Come hear Jim Sutherland of Western Living speak at our next meeting
  • Volunteers Needed: Directory of Editors and The Word on the Street

June 2003:

  • Read about the double success of EAC-BC member Shamina Senaratne
  • Print Futures program -- the student perspective
  • Pick up some tips from our recent copy editing workshop
  • Read the latest on EAC-BC's scholarship program

May 2003:

  • Teagus Software
  • Scholarships
  • Book corner
  • Design and print production
  • May meeting: copyright issues

April 2003:

  • Setting your rates
  • Conference 2003
  • Book corner
  • Strategic Connections update

March 2003:

  • Don't Get Scammed!
  • EAC-BC needs you to help design our Statement of Purpose.
  • Books, Books, Books!
  • Come hear writer Lorraine Murphy talk about a very hot topic.
  • AND be sure to sign up for our great Spring workshops!

February 2003:

  • Click on web addresses and watch our hyperlinks take you straight to thepage!
  • Find out more about Print Futures and tell us about your own experiences ofpublishing programs.
  • Ever wondered if the world needs editors? You'll discover that it certainlydoes.
  • Workshop reminders and a sneak preview of upcoming workshops.
  • Details of February's meeting—and remember our meeting location haschanged.

January 2003:

  • Substantive editing and the art of diplomacy
  • Shifting shapes at the STC conference
  • Editing at Anvil
  • What does globalization really mean?

The following issues are also available for download from this site: