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Editors British Columbia: West Coast Editor 2004

West Coast Editor is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and is sent by email monthly to members. Each issue is posted here for public viewing approximately one month after members receive it.

To view the journal, you may use Adobe Reader, a free software program which can be downloaded from the Adobe Systems Web site. Adobe Reader, its predecessor Acrobat Reader, or other PDF-reading software (such as Preview, built in to Mac OS X) may already be installed on your computer.

The following issues are available for download from the year 2004:

December 2004:

  • Editing for the Web
  • Write gear
  • Straight shooting
  • Legal Season's Greetings
  • Survey says
  • How to make $50,000 a year
  • Executive update
  • Congratulations

November 2004:

  • Poets starve
  • Word on the Street
  • Hotline tips
  • Indexing resources
  • Study groups
  • Book sale
  • Survey says
  • What's on
  • EAC-BC Professional Development workshops

October 2004:

  • Word nerd: on the road again
  • Print futures scholarship update
  • More editing and back to school
  • Words
  • Fraser Valley meeting
  • What's on
  • Spell checker
  • Survey says
  • EAC-BC Professional Development workshops
  • Certification

September 2004:

  • New design for West Coast Editor
  • Editing and back to school
  • Meet your 2004/2005 executive
  • EAC 2006 conference in Vancouver
  • Book table titles
  • Kudos corner
  • What's on around town

June 2004:

  • Being edited as an editor
  • Year-end thanks from the executive
  • The subjunctive
  • Onscreen editing with Word workshop
  • Award and scholarship information
  • Summer break and upcoming events

May 2004:

  • Eight-step editing workshop
  • Editing for style
  • Where are our members throughout B.C.?
  • Upcoming events and EAC/ACR Conference 2004

April 2004:

  • Thinking like an entrepreneur
  • Chaotic Vancouver Sun headlines
  • How to edit for the Web
  • Events, workshops, and EAC/ACR Conference 2004 in Calgary
  • Bookcrossing update

March 2004:

  • An invitation to volunteer for EAC-BC, or to join the 2004-05 executive
  • Certification update
  • Begging the question
  • Spring workshops
  • Poetry month

February 2004:

  • Pamper the editor you love
  • "Extreme" and "ultimate"
  • Spring workshops
  • Winter
  • February meeting: Web editing with Anne Pepper

January 2004:

  • Translations in the electronic age
  • The "Sales Doctor"
  • More on the new Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed.
  • Strategic Connections 2004
  • January meeting: certification with Ruth Wilson

Back Issues

The following back issues can be downloaded from this site: