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Editors British Columbia: West Coast Editor 2006

You may view or download any issue of West Coast Editor from 2006. Each is available as a PDF file. Click the title to view it in your web browser, or right-click (Windows) or ctrl-click (Mac) and choose Download or Save to save a copy on your computer:

January 2006

  • Conference update
  • Authors talk shop
  • Who is a heretic?
  • Book review: Death Sentences
  • Certification update

May 2006

  • Naomi Beaupré
  • You Asking Me?
  • Stan Persky
  • Libel in BC
  • Wordsmiths' work

June 2006 (Special National Conference Edition)

  • Wayson Choy
  • Conference events
  • Program selections
  • Needless words

September-October 2006

  • Do you have what it takes?
  • Three little words
  • Reflections on a theme
  • Notes from the Chair

November 2006

  • Expunge this expression
  • EAC-BC executive
  • Political discourse
  • Surrey International Writers' Conference
  • Notes from the Chair

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Back Issues

The following back issues can be downloaded from this site: