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Editors British Columbia: West Coast Editor 2007

You may view or download any issue of West Coast Editor from 2007. Each is available as a PDF file. Click the title to view it in your web browser, or right-click (Windows) or ctrl-click (Mac) and choose "download" or "save" to save a copy on your computer:

Winter 2007: Holiday Gift Guide 

  • Wishes and Horses, by Hugh Macdonald
  • Gifts to Pamper
  • Gifts to Entertain
  • Gifts to Inform
  • Gifts for the Office

October 2007: Get that Job!

  • The Medicine Man, Jay Draper interview
  • A Day in Her Life, Theresa Laviolette interview
  • You Don't Really Want this Job, Do You? Janis Barr interview
  • Information is Key

September 2007: The Editing Online Issue

  • Trailblazing across the Last Literary Frontier, by Fiona Lehn
  • The Rules According to Anne, by Anne Pepper
  • Beware the Luncheon Meat
  • Stacking up the Sites
  • Drive-by Editing

January 2007

  • Expunge this expression
  • Linguistic atrocity
  • EAC-BC support staff
  • Workshops for spring 2007
  • The orange—how sweet it isn't
  • Perils of attribution
  • Contests and competitions

To view the newsletter, you require a software program that can read PDF (Portable Document Format) files. If you have a Mac, the built-in Preview application will read PDFs. For Mac and Windows, you may use Adobe Reader, a free software program which can be downloaded from the Adobe site.

Back Issues

The following back issues can be downloaded from this site: