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National executive council


Members of the executive council serve as trustees for the general membership. Collectively, they direct Editors Canada activities and decide how to spend its money. They are all members of the association.

Executive council 2018–19


Gael Spivak

Gael Spivak
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I work in communications for the federal government, where I specialize in plain language writing and editing. Topics I've worked on include food safety and food labelling, biotechnology, zoonoses and road salts.

I like to collect things, including squirrels, tiny books, and articles on the singular they.








Anne Louise Mahoney
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I have been an editor for close to 30 years, including nearly 20 years as managing editor for a book publisher. In 2008 I took the plunge into freelancing; the following year, I became one of Editors Canada's first four Certified Professional Editors. I am a proud member of Editors Canada and have enjoyed getting to know editing colleagues across the country in my work on Editing Canadian English 3 and Editorial Niches, and on the national executive council since 2014—especially during the past two years, when I served as president.




Julia Cochrane

Julia Cochrane
Editors Nova Scotia
I've been a member of Editors Canada for over 20 years, holding various positions at the twig, branch and national levels. I've belonged to three branches and am a founding member and the current co-coordinator of Editors Nova Scotia. I served on the national executive council of Editors Canada as Director of Branches and Twigs (East) from 2012 to 2014. I look forward to being another representative on the NEC from the east coast!

I've been a freelance math and sciences editor since 1995, and I've lived in Nova Scotia since 2001. In my free time, I read, knit, swim, run, cycle, walk and hang out with my husband, three cats and friends.



Breanne MacDonald
Editors Hamilton-Halton
I am a graduate of Ryerson University's publishing program and have been working in-house (with some freelance work on the side) as a proofreader since 2010. I specialize in proofreading marketing material, product labels, retail flyers, websites, and anything else involving a mix of text, images and design elements. As an amateur baker/cake decorator, I also love proofreading cookbooks! I received the President's Award in 2015 and have been an active member of Editors Canada at both the local and national levels. I have served on the national executive council since 2015, most recently as national secretary. I love being part of our annual conference and have been involved with the conference committee in some capacity since 2014.




Heather Buzila

Heather Buzila
Editors Edmonton



Heather Buzila

Heather Buzila
Editors Edmonton
I began my editing career in 2007 and am a certified copy editor with Editors Canada. I currently work at Athabasca University in Edmonton, where I edit materials for online courses in humanities and social sciences. I've also edited fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts, professional development modules for the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta, and website materials for diverse organizations.

With Editors Canada, I've served as co-coordinator of the Editors Edmonton twig (2017–2018) and as social media coordinator for the 2018 conference. My latest adventure is with the Editors Canada 40th anniversary task force.



Virginia St-Denis

Virginia St-Denis
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I am a 25-year publishing professional with experience writing, editing, photographing, desktop publishing and managing newspapers, magazines, journals, electronic newsletters and websites. Most recently, I've been working as a senior communication specialist and social media specialist, preparing and implementing internal and external communications strategies in support of corporate strategic goals.



Sandra Gravel

Sandra Gravel
Editors Québec
I have had a small language services and training business for eight years. I also self-published the book Soignez vos écrits – Améliorez vos affaires, aimed at business people. I work with francophone business people and professionals in developing their writing abilities so they can communicate better. I firmly believe that my editing skills are the foundation of the guidance I can offer my clients on how to improve their texts and communicate more clearly. I also do various kinds of editing for a range of clients.

I was on the NEC for two years before founding the Comité agrément/principes to set up the French Programme d’agrément for Editors Canada. I would like to continue my involvement at an executive level, by focusing my efforts on issues that affect or concern the association’s francophone members.



Tania Cheffins

Tania Cheffins
Editors British Columbia
I'm a Certified Professional Editor with over 10 years of editing experience, both in-house and freelance, particularly in the education and accounting areas. I worked in-house as exams editor and then as editorial manager at CGA-Canada/CPA Canada before starting my own freelance editing business in 2016. I enjoy the freedom of freelancing and often work while travelling. I also like hiking, skiing and exploring the west coast. I have been on Editors Canada's certification steering committee since 2014.



Greg Ioannou
Editors Toronto
Colborne Communications
I've been a freelancer since 1977, and have taught editing all over the place. I was a founding member of (F)EAC and have had all sorts of positions on the executive, including president three times and treasurer six times (yikes!). In real life I own and run a writing and editing company called Colborne Communications, where my office is populated with moose paraphernalia. I'm also the publisher at Iguana Books. More importantly, I captain a team in a weekly trivia league, and frequent local pubs and stamp auctions.




Berna Ozunal
Editors Toronto
I have 20 years of experience in book publishing, digital prepress, and advertising and design. An Editors Canada–certified structural editor, stylistic editor, and proofreader, I've edited everything from books and billboards to apps and T-shirts. Currently, I work in-house at an integrated marketing communications agency in Toronto for a variety of blue-chip clients, and I freelance for a creative talent agency. I also teach structural and stylistic editing at George Brown College Continuing Education.



Patricia MacDonald
Editors Nova Scotia
I began my freelance editing career in 2000 and joined Editors Canada shortly after. My focus is on copyediting and proofreading sports books and memoirs, guides for athletes and coaches, and textbooks for physical education and kinesiology students. A member of the Nova Scotia twig, I served on the organizing committee and was volunteer coordinator for the 2013 annual conference in Halifax, duties I resumed for the 2015 Editing Goes Global conference in Toronto. I chaired the volunteer management committee from September 2013 to September 2015.