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Conference 2009: Program

The 30th anniversary conference took place from June 5 to 7 at the 89 Chestnut Conference Centre in downtown Toronto.

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Informal pre-conference pay-as-you-go dinner

Thursday, June 4

6:30 p.m.

2035 Yonge Street
(Walk south from Eglinton station or north from Davisville station on the Yonge subway line)
416 440-1986

Grano is a family-run Italian restaurant with very nice food, a great vibe and an excellent selection of wines by the glass (and an even wider selection of wines by the bottle). The restaurant is a bit of a hub for Toronto's cultural community, with literary salons, art exhibits, a speaker series and other ongoing activities. Grano recently celebrated its 23rd anniversary.

Dinner entrees range from $12 to $24. Grano will give each guest a separate bill, so paying will be simple.

The reservation is booked for the Editors' Association of Canada. We'll be in a very pretty private room overlooking a garden.

Your EAC hosts for the evening will be John Green (conference chair), Annie Leung (Toronto vice-chair) and Helena Aalto (professional development coordinator). President Moira White, past president Maureen Nicholson and other members of the national executive committee will also be in attendance.

RSVP to Helena Aalto.

We're looking forward to a wonderful evening!  See you at Grano!


Pre-conference workshops

Friday, June 5

The EAC Toronto branch is offering three pre-conference workshops on Friday, June 5. Don't miss these exciting and informative sessions.

How to register for the pre-conference workshops

9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Elizabeth d'Anjou

Eight-Step Editing

Eight-Step Editing breaks the editorial process down into a series of tasks that will improve the readability of the final product. If you're an editor, whatever your experience level (from novice to expert), this seminar will help you develop a systematic approach and identify functions you may have been performing intuitively. If you're a writer, the Eight-Step process will give you techniques for improving your manuscript before it goes to an editor.

Elizabeth d'Anjou
Elizabeth d'Anjou has 17 years' experience as a freelance editor with a diverse clientèle, from textbook publishers to corporations to non-profit agencies. She teaches copy editing at Ryerson University.

9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

On-Screen Editing with Microsoft Word 2007

This seminar reviews a wide range of Microsoft Word functions useful for writers and editors, including basic formatting. Newcomers to the program will learn how to work confidently with functions they have been struggling with or never knew existed; more experienced users will learn how to accomplish tasks more efficiently. As the interface of Word 2007 has changed significantly from that of previous versions, the seminar will be of particular value to users making the transition from Word 2003 or earlier. An extensive handout will be provided that contains step-by-step instructions for each function demonstrated in the class. For a list of the topics covered, click here.

Anne Stilman
Anne Stilman is a writer and editor who works exclusively on screen. She has taught EAC workshops on Microsoft Word since version Word 97.

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Craig Saunders

On-Screen Proofreading with Adobe Acrobat

On-screen editing can save significant amounts of time and money for most companies. This seminar will provide participants with knowledge of the tools in Adobe Acrobat most commonly used in on-screen proofreading. It will also cover markup for different media and production needs.

Craig Saunders
Craig Saunders is a writer and editor based in Toronto. Over the past 15 years, he has edited for trade and educational book publishers, magazines, newspapers and consulting companies in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. He developed and currently teaches the proofreading course at George Brown College.


Conference 2009

Friday, June 5

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

On-site check-in

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

30th anniversary welcome reception

Relive the 1970s at the Editors' Association of Canada's welcome reception on June 5 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Colony West Room at 89 Chestnut. Join us for hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and blasts from our past as we kick off EAC's 30th anniversary conference.

9:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Tony Burgess

Pontypool screening

Zombies will be the chaser after the conference welcome reception! Join us for a screening of Bruce McDonald's new zombie thriller, Pontypool.

From the Pontypool website:
Shock jock Grant Mazzy has, once again, been kicked off the Big City airwaves and now the only job he can get is the early morning show at CLSY Radio in Pontypool, Ontario, which broadcasts from the basement of the small town's only church.

What begins as another boring day of school bus cancellations quickly turns deadly when reports start piling in of people developing strange speech patterns and evoking horrendous acts of violence.

Before long, Grant and the small staff at CLSY find themselves trapped in the radio station as they discover that this insane behaviour taking over the town is actually a deadly virus being spread through the English language itself.

Do they stay on the air in the hopes of being rescued or are they in fact providing the virus with its ultimate leap over the airwaves and into the world?

Tony Burgess, who wrote the book and screenplay, will introduce this well-reviewed film and answer questions after the closing credits.


Conference 2009

Saturday, June 6

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

On-site check-in (coffee and light snacks provided)

9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Nora Young

Photo credit: Gilberto Prioste


Keynote address: Nora Young

This year's keynote address will be presented by Nora Young. Nora started her career with CBC Radio as the founding host and a producer of Definitely Not the Opera, and is now the host of Spark, the weekly half-hour show that examines the intersection of technology and life. Nora has a love-hate relationship with technology and culture—something many of us can relate to—so she's the ideal companion to gently usher technophobes and technogeeks alike through the latest trends. She also contributes to a trend-watching blog, The Sniffer, in which she discusses such diverse topics as robot seals, wearable motorcycles and the sophistication of Canadian Internet users.

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Concurrent sessions


Lasso the power of wild wikis and bronco blogs

Welcome to the wild west of social media! Through interactive demos and hands-on practice, we'll show you how to harness Web 2.0 tools—wikis and blogs—as powerful assets for your freelance business or in-house editing. It's a whole new frontier of interactive media out there. Ride 'em cowboys!

Janice Cunningham
Communications Advisor, Industry Canada

Janice Cunningham is a writer/editor and communications advisor in the Government of Canada. She helped implement one of first wikis in government, in the Patent Office.

Asha Jhamandas
Writer/editor, The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Asha Jhamandas is an Ottawa-based writer/editor with six years of experience in not-for-profit communications. As a professional blogger, she champions the power of social media as a complement to the traditional writer/editor's toolbox.


Traduction (et revision!) comme jeu

Like everybody else, translators can get caught up in language games, whose purpose can be simply to impress an audience, forgetting that a translator's principal duty is to stay faithful to the author's intentions. If there is such a thing as "translators' blindness," editors, whose job is objectivity, can provide a cure for that blindness.

Les traducteurs sont parfois enivrés de jeux langagiers (Wittgenstein) qui peuvent mener le lecteur vers un faux sens. Trouvera-t-on un remède contre la cécité ludique des traducteurs dans le monde des réviseurs?

Zoran Minderovic
Literary translator, editor

Zoran Minderovic's translations include works by Elaine Pagels, Susan Sontag and Claude Lévi-Strauss. He has also published essays about translation, classical music and philosophy, and two books of experimental prose.

Traducteur, réviseur, écrivain
Zoran Minderovic a traduit Elaine Pagels, Susan Sontag, Cynthia Ozick et Claude Lévi-Strauss en serbe.


All I know about information architecture I learned from substantive editing (almost)

Online communication must be structured to sell, inform, persuade and entertain. Substantive editors have been achieving those objectives with print for years. What should you know to make the transition from one role to the other? Find out how to add information architecture to your skills repertoire and develop new work opportunities.

Lynda Chiotti
Information Architect and Usability Specialist
Lynda Chiotti is a senior information architect consulting to major Canadian and international corporations in web and internal content management and development.

Jodie Renner

Keyboard shortcuts and other techniques to increase your accuracy and speed—and save your mouse hand!

This demonstration will provide you with instructions for over 50 Microsoft Word shortcuts that will increase your speed by using the keyboard instead of your mouse. Learn how to quickly edit and format text, and produce various symbols and French accents. Other shortcut "tricks" and advanced techniques to save you time and effort will also be discussed.

Jodie Renner
Copy Editor, Polished Proofreading Plus
Jodie Renner is a successful freelance editor and proofreader who does most of her editing online. Her projects have included full-length books, magazine articles, business documents and academic papers.

Roanie Levy

Books Gone Google

Nearly all books published worldwide on or before January 5, 2009, are included in the proposed Google book content settlement. What does this mean for Canadian book authors and publishers? This session will provide the answers and discuss the implications the settlement may have on your copyright-protected books.

Roanie Levy is an intellectual property lawyer and Access Copyright's General Counsel and Director of Policy and External Affairs. She has worked on several strategy projects including one that looked at how the Canadian publishing industry can leverage new technologies to reduce costs and increase revenues.


Diagnosis: Editor! A panel discussion on medical editing

Medical texts can run the gamut from health-care articles for the layperson to complex clinical reviews for geneticists—and they all need an editor. Join us for an interactive panel discussion on working with pharmaceutical companies, publishing houses, medical communication agencies and more, in the capacity of both medical editor and writer.

Cath Booth owns a medical editing and writing business. Her past roles include chief copy editor at Oxford University Press and editorial manager at Remedica, a medical communications and publishing agency.

Joanne Lee is a medical editor and writer at MediResource Inc. Her experiences include working with clinical research materials, patient-friendly health content and pharmaceutical product and disease knowledge.

Alan Yoshioka runs AY's Edit, which offers precision medical editing among its specialties. He began as a medical writer at Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

11:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Break (coffee and refreshments provided)

11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Concurrent sessions

Anna Olivier

Outils Web : les secrets d'un profil efficace!

Grâce à cet atelier, vous serez en mesure de créer des profils en ligne efficaces pour promouvoir vos compétences et votre expérience. En particulier, vous apprendrez à créer un profil pour le répertoire électronique des réviseurs (RÉP). Éléments : rédaction de notices de présentation, choix des compétences à partir de listes.

Anna Olivier
Rédactrice et réviseure, Athéna Rédaction
Anna Olivier est docteur en géographie et fondatrice d'Athéna Rédaction, entreprise spécialisée dans la rédaction et la révision de documents scientifiques et techniques.

David Jolliffe

Larry Sulky

The next step in editing: The advent of structured authoring technology

This session will explore the concept of structured authoring, a pivotal component in content management systems and the next big thing in publishing. It will identify some of the authoring tools available and demonstrate the authoring and editorial use of one such tool, WriteRAP.

David Jolliffe
Vice-President, Cross Media Publishing Services, Pearson Canada
In addition to overseeing production, media, design and permissions areas for several divisions of Pearson Canada, David Jolliffe is also an instructor in the Ryerson Publishing certificate program.

Larry Sulky
Manager, Content Management, Pearson Canada
Larry Sulky has driven the implementation of an XML workflow and the use of WriteRAP, an electronic authoring and editing tool, as well as other initiatives for managing assets and works-in-progress.

James Harbeck

What's up with English spelling?

There's a reason dyslexia is more evident among anglophones than among Italians, and you're looking at it: the perverse and capricious English spelling system. How did it get this way? And why can't we just reform it? Why haven't we already? Come on a ghotiing expedition to find out.

James Harbeck
Senior Editor, MediResource Inc.
James Harbeck has been an editor for more than a decade and a language freak his whole life. He is known in the EAC for his linguistically informed analyses and lively presentation style.


Japanese paper: Ancient material, contemporary resource

Nancy Jacobi's passion for traditional Japanese paper (washi) inspires her to share her knowledge of this fascinating material, used by creative people around the world. Nancy's presentation includes images of her trips to the papermaking villages of Japan, contemporary applications of washi and details of the endangered state of this ancient handmade craft.

Nancy Jacobi
Founder and Owner, The Japanese Paper Place
Since opening a small specialty shop in Toronto the early 1980s, Nancy Jacobi has continued to share her fascination for Japanese papers. Today, The Japanese Paper Place ships to stores, museums and artists on every continent, and offers exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations.

Sandra Gulland

Crossing the line: An editor-turned-writer looks back

Former editor and founding member of FEAC Sandra Gulland will talk about how being an editor prepared her for becoming a writer (and—conversely—how becoming a writer revealed what she should have known as an editor). The heart of her talk will address that which engages both editors and writers intensely: how to craft a good story.

Sandra Gulland is author of the Josephine B. trilogy, internationally best-selling novels now published in 14 countries. Her most recent novel, Mistress of the Sun, was on Maclean's best-seller list for two months. An editor for two decades, she was a founding member of FEAC (now EAC).


Speed mentoring (formerly the Editors' Café)

Are you thinking of a career as an editor, but aren't sure how to get started? Are you a junior editor who feels you would benefit from the insight and wisdom of a more experienced editor? Speed mentoring may be just what you're looking for. Speed mentoring gives you the opportunity to meet with a senior editor who will help dispel the myths and unravel the mysteries of an editing career.

Here's how it works: Once you have registered for the conference, choose an editor you'd like to meet with from the list below. Then email Helena Aalto and let her know your choice. Helena will reply to your message to let you know your meeting time. Meetings are only 20 minutes long, so come prepared with specific questions. Space is limited, and meetings will be set up on a first-come, first-served basis.

Janice Dyer (Certified Professional Editor)
Nancy Flight (trade books, creative non-fiction)
Stephanie Fysh (copy editing, proofreading, young adult fiction, adult, trade non-fiction)
Jennifer Glossop (fiction, non-fiction children's books)
Anita Jenkins (freelance)
Peter Moskos (stylistic and structural editing, plain language, government reports)
Rosemary Shipton (in-house, substantive editing, publishing, education and training)
Jan Walter (book developer, non-fiction publisher)

12:15 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Lunch (provided)

1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Concurrent sessions


The future of publishing

How has Canada's book industry changed and where will it be going in the future? How will the worldwide economic decline affect Canadian publishers? What will the impact of new technologies be on writing, editing, publishing, printing and selling books, now and in the future?

David Caron
Co-publisher, ECW Press
David Caron came to book publishing via theatre and served as the executive director of the Literary Press Group of Canada before joining ECW, a publisher of literary titles and niche non-fiction.

Roy MacSkimming
Roy MacSkimming was a key player in Canada's publishing renaissance in the 1970s, co-founding New Press and the Association of Canadian Publishers. His book The Perilous Trade: Publishing Canada's Writers was a National Business Book Award finalist.

Susan Renouf
Vice-President, Associate Publisher and Chief Operating Officer, McClelland & Stewart

Susan Renouf managed theatre and non-profit arts organizations before stumbling into publishing. Prior to joining M&S in 2004, Susan's career roles ranged from editing to marketing at Key Porter Books, Kids Can Press and Douglas & McIntyre.

Michael Tamblyn
President and Chief Executive Officer, BookNet Canada

BookNet Canada, launched in 2003 with Michael Tamblyn at the helm, serves bookstores and publishers with sales tracking, trading networks, standards and certification programs. Previously, Michael consulted in technology and media sectors.

Gaëlle Chevalier

Introduction à la reconnaissance vocale

Les logiciels de reconnaissance vocale peuvent s'utiliser judicieusement pour éliminer les microtraumatismes répétés. Ils permettent aussi de gagner un temps précieux!
Cette conférence fera le point sur les outils liés à la reconnaissance vocale et offrira une démonstration d'un logiciel dans des contextes variés.

Gaëlle Chevalier
Présidente, SciDocs inc.
Gaëlle Chevalier, chercheuse scientifique de formation (maîtrise et doctorat), possède 9 ans d'expérience en traduction et révision médicale et scientifique à la tête de son entreprise SciDocs inc.

Sylvia Coates

Indexing software solutions for indexing crises

The more an editor understands what can and cannot be done by indexing software, the faster a crisis situation can be solved. The session will begin with a brief overview of the Cindex, Sky and Macrex indexing programs, followed by several scenarios of common index-related problems and their software solutions.

Sylvia Coates
Freelance Indexer
Sylvia Coates is the author of numerous articles on indexing and has taught indexing for 10 years. In 2004 she developed the UC Berkeley Extension Indexing Theory and Application course.

Greg Ioannou,

Marion Soublière

Gael Spivak

Landing the Big One: Government work and the freelance editor

The feds spend about $20 billion yearly on goods and services, but to shop more efficiently, they're increasing the business they do with small firms across Canada. Learn how they're courting more small firms these days through online supplier databases, standing offers and more, and get in on the haul!

Greg Ioannou, a founding member of (F)EAC, is president of Colborne Communications. He's landed government contracts to work on everything from annual reports to telephone scripts.

Marion Soublière holds four government standing offers and is author of Getting Work with the Federal Government: A guide to figuring out the procurement puzzle <>.

Gael Spivak is an editor and speech coordinator for the federal government. She has evaluated contractors' proposals on projects such as websites, factsheet revisions and speech writing.


New directions for standards and certification

What do revised editorial standards mean for EAC, editors and certification candidates? Learn how and why EAC's Professional Editorial Standards was revised and what changes are ahead for the certification program beginning in 2010.

Nancy Flight
Nancy Flight is a member of EAC's Professional Standards Committee and associate publisher of Greystone Books. Nancy has taught numerous courses in editing.

Zofia Laubitz
Zofia Laubitz is co-chair of EAC's Certification Steering Committee, a freelance editor and a translator who works for a wide range of clients.

Frances Peck
Frances Peck is outgoing chair of EAC's Professional Standards Committee, as well as a freelance editor, writer and instructor.

Barbara Tomlin
Barbara Tomlin is co-chair of the Certification Steering Committee, an editor and a proofreader. Barbara also teaches courses on editing


Networking with integrity: Selling your services without selling out

Unsure how to network effectively? Good news: successful networkers are made, not born. And you won't need "the gift of the gab" or a "sales personality." We'll explore how to surmount shyness; avoid seeming phony, pushy or conceited; follow up with contacts; maintain your network over time; and use online tools like LinkedIn.

Seasoned freelancer Riça Night has never made a "cold call." Once so shy her nickname was Mouse, Riça proves that networking involves learnable skills.

3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Break (coffee and refreshments provided)
Register for AGM

3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Annual general meeting

(EAC members only)


Tom Fairley Award banquet

Cocktails at 6:00 p.m.; dinner at 7:00 p.m.

Featuring Toronto's Poet Laureate, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, and the presentation of the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence.

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
This prolific writer has authored 20 volumes of poetry since 1976. In 2004 he was the Emilio Goggio Visiting Professor in Italian Studies at the University of Toronto. In that same year, he was appointed Poet Laureate of the City of Toronto and his book, The Dark Time of Angels, was nominated for the Trillium Book Award. Di Cicco's inspirations on building the creative capacity of cities have made him a sought-after urban consultant, and his contributions to the mayor's Roundtable on the Arts and Culture have been widely publicized. Di Cicco is also curator of the Toronto Museum Project and Global Centre for Cities.

Sunday, June 7

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

On-site check-in (coffee and light snacks provided)

9:45 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Concurrent sessions


Senior editors' roundtable
Charting your future: A workshop for editors

Changes in life stage, career direction, market conditions, lines of business and technology can throw us into whitewater—where we may find ourselves up a creek without a paddle. But these times of transition provide a host of valuable opportunities for self-reflection and reinvention.

In this interactive presentation, we will explore the 10 Keys to Triumphing during Transition that will help you to chart a new course for your future.

This session is for editors with a minimum of 10 years' experience. Limit of 15 participants.

Lois Raats, MEd, CCC, BCC
Owner, Ready2Grow Associates

An insightful life and business coach, Lois has more than 20 years' experience equipping independent professionals with practical tools to overcome obstacles to growth.

Carolyn L Burke

Running a profitable business

We need to be smart business people as well as respected professionals. We'll explore the best practices of successful business owners and entrepreneurs—practices that deliver results. This hands-on session will be of interest to those running a small business and to freelancers.

Carolyn L Burke
CEO, Integrity Incorporated; Executive Director of EAC
As a successful serial entrepreneur, Carolyn L Burke advises corporate and NGO clients on organizational improvement and strategic long-term growth focusing on financial success and leadership. Her website is <>.

Rosemary Shipton

Forging a partnership: Editors and writers working together

You can be the best editor in the world, but if you don't win your author's confidence and cooperation, you're dead. How do you deal with difficult writers, limited budgets and tight schedules? Come prepared for a spirited discussion—and decide whether we need a new definition of author-editor relations.

Rosemary Shipton
Rosemary Shipton has worked as both an in-house and a freelance editor for many years. She was one of two founders of the Ryerson Publishing Program and has taught thousands of students there and in EAC seminars across Canada. In 2007 she was granted an honorary doctorate by Trinity College, University of Toronto.


Or well and good: Language standards in a changing world

Editing is challenged by rapidly changing language standards and by the social and political aspects of language usage. How is the editor's task of conserving language standards affected by these changes? What confers the editor's normative authority over language use? Is language becoming a blunt tool? And what exactly is at stake?

Julian Thorsteinson
Editor, translator, writer

Julian Thorsteinson has taught creative writing, translation, languages and literary criticism in Canada and France. She specializes in stylistic and substantive editing and in revising works authored by non-native speakers of English.


It's not all cute: Editing kids' books

Editors of children's books need to know about design and production, age-appropriateness, varying attention spans, reading and comprehension levels, school curricula, relationships between authors and illustrators and more. They work on books for readers who range from babies to young adults, but which must also appeal to the adults who ultimately choose the books. Canada's top children's book editors talk about picture books, non-fiction books and young adult novels.

Katie Hearn
Managing Editor, Annick Press

Katie Hearn has worked in trade and educational publishing, in both production and editorial roles. She oversees the development of many of Annick’s non-fiction titles. 

Lynne Missen
Executive Editor, Children's Books, HarperCollinsCanada

Lynne Missen has been an editor for the past 20 years, both freelance and in-house. Lynne has been nominated twice by the Canadian Booksellers' Association for the Editor of the Year Libris Award.

Tara Walker
Senior Editor, Kids Can Press
Tara Walker began her publishing career at Kids Can Press 14 years ago. She works with some of the most accomplished authors and illustrators in Canada and has edited many award-winning books.

11:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Break (coffee and refreshments provided)

11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Concurrent sessions

Elizabeth Macfie

Copy editing: Making decisions and adding value

Copy editors make decisions constantly: what style, tone and degree of clarity does each document require? They also have opportunities to add value, which gives them a business advantage. Learn about copy editing beyond the basics. Includes hands-on exercises (on hard copy) and a list of resources.

Elizabeth Macfie
Owner, Elizabeth Macfie Editing and Indexing
Elizabeth Macfie teaches copy editing and proofreading for the University of Ottawa Professional Training Service and EAC. She is an EAC Certified Proofreader and Copy Editor, past chair of EAC-NCR and past president of the Indexing Society of Canada.

Andrea Zanin

Sexing the language: Editing for sexual minorities

Do you know what "queer" really means? How about the difference between "transgender" and "transsexual"? Do you know what "BDSM" stands for? Sexual minority groups often have terminology and linguistic conventions all their own, and you won't find them in a dictionary. Navigating their complexities can be challenging—find out how to do it successfully!

Andrea Zanin
Freelance writer, translator, editor and sexuality educator
Andrea Zanin writes about alternative sexuality for the Montreal Mirror, the Toronto Xtra! and Outlooks, Canada's gay monthly magazine. She edits and translates for lesbian academics, gay film festivals and sex workers' rights groups, and runs the Leather Bindings Society, a book club for sadomasochists.


Exhibit E: Editing museum and art gallery catalogues

Editors from Canada's top cultural institutions discuss the fascinating challenges of working on museum and gallery exhibit catalogues. For a start, consider: multiple contributors; hundreds of visuals; the differing expectations of readers, artists, curators, academics and critics; deadline challenges (the show must go on!); and the conflicts of history and modern sensibilities, not to mention budgets that can crash without warning.

Glen Ellis, Royal Ontario Museum
Lucie Chevalier, Art Gallery of Ontario
Jennifer Matotek, The Power Plant at Harbourfront

Helen Mason

Textbook teamwork

Who does what in educational publishing? Get the scoop from three EAC members who have almost 60 years of combined experience in this field .

  • What are the roles?
  • How do they interact?
  • What is involved?
  • What's with those ridiculous deadlines?
  • How do you keep in touch—and your sanity?

Copy editor Linda Jenkins has been copy editing el-hi math and science textbooks for about nine years, even though those were never her best subjects.

Project manager Helen Mason has a passion for reading, writing and riding. She uses lessons from her horses to maintain humour and sanity when working with project teams.

Developmental editor Rosemary Tanner works on science and math textbooks, at both the el-hi and college levels. Her challenge is to have these subjects make sense to all students.


Superstar editors

Meet four of the most respected in-house editors from Canada's highest-profile book publishers. These superstars have worked with hundreds of authors, from the well-known to the up-and-coming. In this fascinating and fast-paced panel discussion, they'll share some of their hard-won wisdom while discussing time and market pressures, publishing trends and the challenges of editing big-name and first-time authors.

Phyllis Bruce
Vice President, Publisher, Phyllis Bruce Books, HarperCollins Canada

Phyllis Bruce edits fiction from established and emerging Canadian writers, as well as Canadian history, politics, biographies and memoirs. The award-winning authors Phyllis has worked with include Charlotte Gray, Richard B. Wright and Frances Itani.

Anne Collins
Publisher and Vice President, Random House Canada

Among the authors Anne Collins has edited and published are Douglas Coupland, Senator Romeo Dallaire, Jane Jacobs, Irshad Manji, Peter C. Newman and Carol Shields. Anne is also an award-winning non-fiction writer and former magazine editor.

Patrick Crean
Publisher, Thomas Allen Publishers

Patrick Crean joined Thomas Allen in 2000 after a career editing for Key Porter, Somerville House and General Publishing, as well as a stint in freelance editing. The authors Patrick has worked with include Barbara Gowdy, Austin Clarke and Barbara Coloroso.

Louise Dennys
Executive Publisher and Executive Vice President, Knopf Random House Canada Publishing Group

1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Lunch (provided)

2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Closing plenary: The future of EAC

What's ahead for EAC? During the past 30 years, the association has adapted to meet the changing needs of Canadian editors. What will the needs of Canadian editors be over the next 30 years? How will the association meet them? Should EAC change or stay the same? Will the same services that have proven valuable to members for the past 30 years continue to be valuable in the future? Hear a panel of long-time and new members share their thoughts on the future of the association. Share your ideas during this interactive event.

Moira White (moderator), an Ottawa-based editor and writer, has just completed two years as EAC president. She enjoys editing for and training government and corporate clients.

Michelle Boulton (panellist), a self-employed creative professional, works with a network of freelancers to provide writing, editing, design and project management services. She is vice-president of EAC.

Joe Cotterchio-Milligan (panellist) is a freelance editor and regularly contributes to the Toronto branch's Edition newsletter. He recently completed an editorial internship with Random House of Canada.

Maureen Nicholson (panellist) is past president of the Editors' Association of Canada and program head of professional writing at Douglas College. She has edited since 1982.