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Editors Canada 2018–19 webinar schedule

Integrating Plain Language into Your Services: A Four-Part Program

1. Preparing to Offer Plain Language Services
2. Audience-Focused Plain Language Practices
3. Plain Language Writing and Editing Techniques
4. Testing for User Understanding

Presenter: Kate Harrison Whiteside
Dates: Monday to Thursday,
October 22, 23, 24 & 25, 2018
Time: 12 p.m., EDT / 9 a.m., PDT
Length: Four 1-hour sessions over four days
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Member price: $157.50+ HST
Non-Member price: $225.00 + HST
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Plain language is the best way to ensure your communication connects with clients. It is also a great service to offer your clients—internal and external. With all the information being sent out today, using a variety of media, everyone can benefit from concise, clear, outcome-oriented messages. Join us to find out how you can enhance your current skills with plain language practices.

1. Preparing to Offer Plain Language Services 

Not everyone will be informed about plain language. Success will depend on your ability to explain, plan and promote plain language as an integrated service. You’ll learn the key benefits of plain language to promote. Specifically, the webinar will

  • Provide an overview of global approaches to plain language
  • Present the five stages of the plain language process
  • Teach you how to sell the benefits of plain language
  • Help you plan to implement plain language with leader support

After this webinar, you will understand the five stages of the plain language process, how to set out a plan for plain language services and ways to build support with leaders and peers.

2. Audience-Focused Plain Language Practices 

Plain language practitioners invest heavily in getting to know, understand and involve their audiences in the process—from start to finish. You will learn how to gain insights into your audience’s needs. Specifically, the webinar will

  • Include audience role play
  • Teach you how to create personas to increase audience empathy
  • Present the benefits of audience appreciation
  • Explore ways to target and benefit from audience involvement

After this webinar, you will see how to create and use personas and to understand audience involvement in process.

3. Writing and Editing Techniques 

Plain language writing and editing use a holistic approach from the planning to the presentation. Clarity, conciseness and organization are delivered to meet the clients’ needs, discovered during the audience assessment stage. Examples, exercises and checklists will help you fuse plain language onto your existing skills and services. Specifically, this webinar will show you 

  • How to integrate plain language writing and editing styles, supported by checklists
  • How to incorporate plain language writing guidelines and editing approaches
  • The role of plain language in online and social media messages

After this webinar, you will have ideas on how to integrate plain language writing and editing into your services and develop resources. You’ll see before-and-after examples that demonstrate plain language.

4. Testing for User Understanding 

Plain language testing and evaluating with audiences/users is a critical part of the process. We’ll look at options from basic approaches to focus groups to user testing. You will gain confidence in selecting and using testing methods or services. Specifically, this webinar will teach you

  • About testing tools and options
  • How to match testing to the task
  • Ways to use the findings to direct writing, editing and design

This webinar will show you how to test content, match methods to a project, and apply results.

This webinar series is for all editors and communication professionals who want to understand the purpose and practice of plain language, and it will show you how plain language can benefit your business.

Kate Harrison Whiteside - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2018 Speaker

Kate Harrison Whiteside

When Kate first saw the benefits of plain language for writers, readers and organizations, she integrated it into her writing, consulting and training services. That was over 25 years ago. Her commitment has grown beyond just her businesses. Kate is PLAIN (Plain Language Association International) membership co-chair, PLAIN and IPlainDay co-creator, conference speaker (PLAIN 2017, EC 2018), mentor and advocate. Motivated by her positive plain language experiences, Kate offers others the chance to learn through webinars, workshops and the online program. Working from the inspiring Kootenay region in southern BC, Kate keeps spreading the word: plain language works for everyone.

Twitter: @keykate





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