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Technical Editing

Technical Editing

Instructor: Ann Fothergill-Brown

Is technical editing so different from other types of editing? The answer, as usual in our profession, is a resounding “yes and no.”

While basic language skills will carry a general editor a long way in a technical field, technical editors typically confront problems considerably more knotty than basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And they often must untie those knots at breakneck speed to meet urgent deadlines.

For the aspiring technical editor, this seminar will present an overview of the skills and the mindset that are required to edit technical material. It will also survey some of the thorny “tech-comm” debates about how to structure and present technical documents. For more experienced editors, the seminar will suggest specific strategies for approaching a substantive edit, and will recommend proven techniques for enhancing clarity during a simple copyedit. Exercises will reinforce the strategies and recommendations, and resource lists will back up the survey nature of the seminar with in-depth knowledge.

In the mid-1970s, Ann Fothergill-Brown found her employer’s computer training materials so confusing that she volunteered to rewrite them. Her success in that task led to a long career as a technical writer and editor, during which she produced or collaborated in producing highly regarded print and online materials for a wide variety of clients including Imperial Oil Limited, Mitel Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Best Foods, Health and Welfare Canada (now Health Canada), and the departments of National Defence and (then) Foreign Affairs and International Trade, among many others. In 1998, Ann transitioned from the IT documentation field to freelance medical editing, a new kind of technical editing challenge that has seen her copyediting for a broad range of research journals including Marine Ornithology, Peritoneal Dialysis International, Current Oncology, the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.

Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Location: Université de Sherbrooke, campus Longueuil,150, place Charles-LeMoyne, Longueuil QC J4K 0A8
Room: L1–13305
Metro: Longueuil—Université-de-Sherbrooke (Be sure to have $3.25 when returning to Montreal Island)
Parking: Longueuil campus has 465 indoor parking spaces. Parking lots are around the campus as well.

Cost (lunch included; please let us know of any food restrictions)

Early registration (on or before February 2)
$80 for Editors Canada student affiliates
$120 for non-member students
$150 for Editors Canada members
$180 for members of related organizations
$210 for non-members

After February 2
$90 for Editors Canada student affiliates
$140 for non-member students
$180 for Editors Canada members
$210 for members of related organizations
$240 for non-members

Registration closes on February 22
Seminar Coordinator: Dwain Richardson

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