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Advertising in EAC
EAC receives the bulk of its funding from membership fees and revenue from its conferences. To assist with the funding of its member services, the association seeks advertising revenue from companies that understand the value of editing and the importance of maintaining high professional standards of editing and publishing in Canada.

While advertisements are sought after and accepted to offset the production costs of Active Voice / Voix active, the newsletter is published primarily for and on behalf of the members of EAC. Therefore, inclusion of advertisements is entirely at the discretion of EAC's national executive council.

EAC encourages the inclusion of advertisements with information on or promotion of products and services of value to editors in effectively providing services to clients. EAC reserves the right to reject, omit or cancel any advertisements that are not in keeping with the professional nature of the publication.

EAC will not accept advertisements for any product or service that, in the national executive council's opinion, is in any way misleading, offensive to any individual or group of individuals, or in any other way inappropriate for our members.

Advertisements shall in no way indicate or imply endorsement of EAC of any product, service, rganization or event. Advertisements can in no way directly or indirectly give the impression that EAC is engaged in any commercial, political, illegal or immoral activity.

Classified Advertising in Active Voice / Voix active
Rate: $0.70 per word to a maximum of 75 words

Classified advertising is a members-only service. To place a classified ad, email your copy to with "Classified ad for AV" in the subject line. You will be billed for your classified advertisement by EAC's national office. 

Active Voice / Voix active is published twice a year (2,100–2,500 copies of each issue). It is distributed free to EAC's 1,500+ members; in addition, it is distributed at EAC programs, workshops and events, and is circulated to interested groups and industry representatives. A PDF of the most recent issue can be downloaded from the EAC website, free of charge.

Paid subscriptions are available to non-members.