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Conference 2010 committee

The 2010 Conference will take place from May 28 to 30 at the Grande Bibliothèque in downtown Montreal.

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Link to the French site — Congrès 2010 : La révision en réflexion : contenu et culture

Co-chairs: Jacquie Dinsmore and Lysane Jacques
Vice-chair: Theresa Best, chair of the 2011 conference committee
Presenter coordinator: Wendy Gokhool
Communications & promotions: Lynne Currie
Sponsor information coordinator:  
Volunteer coordinator: Carolyne Roy
Technical coordinator:  
Event coordinator: (Katie Shafley)
Vive Montréal! coordinator: Traci Williams (Katie Shafley)
On site volunteers: Zofia Laubitz, Joan Irving, Nancy Schmidt
Conference buddy coordinator: Katie Shafley
Conference webmaster: Sandra Otto
Conference translating team: Marie Simon (Maryse Bissonnette, Danielle Jazzar Noujeim)
Members at large: Diane Ferland (Véronique Boily, Marie St-Gelais)
Vendor fair coordinator: Joni Dufour