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Conference buddies

The 2010 Conference will take place from May 28 to 30 at the Grande Bibliothèque in downtown Montreal.

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Link to the French site — Congrès 2010 : La révision en réflexion : contenu et culture

Networking opportunities abound at EAC conferences, but networking is easier and more fun when you start out with a few familiar faces. So, back by popular demand, EAC’s Conference Buddies option will be offered at our Montreal conference.

EAC's Conference Buddies option matches up editors in groups of four or five, coordinated by a Lead Buddy in each group. Before the conference, Conference Buddies get to know each other through email. At the conference, Conference Buddies can arrange to get together at the beginning of the day, at breaks and lunches, at social events—the timing and frequency are up to you and your group. We’ll have a pre-arranged meeting place and message board for Conference Buddies.

As a bonus, in keeping with the bilingual nature of Montreal, Conference Buddies can practice their French or English by requesting placement in a group of anglophones or francophones. We’ll be matching up COOL (Conference Other-Official-Language) Buddies as requested.

Conference Buddies is optional—you don't have to join. But if you would like to be in a Conference Buddies group, email Conference Buddies coordinator Katie Shafley by Friday, April 30, with your contact information. If you’d like to be a COOL Buddy, request the language you would like to practice. And let Katie know if you’d like to be the Leader Buddy of a group.
When Katie has matched all Conference Buddies, she'll put the groups in touch with one another so they can communicate before the conference.