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Behind the Scenes


Your Conference Committee


Our most important member – or at least the most visible – is Big Blue, conference mascot, at the top of every page on this site. Here's his story:

Renowned editor and lobster rights activist Big Blue grew up in the warm waters of Northumberland Strait, between the coastlines of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Big Blue is a local celebrity, not only for his one-in-a-million colouring but also for his role in editing the ever-popular Blue 15: A lobster's guide to grammar, spelling and claws.

His mother, née Edwina Subordinate Clause, was a poet (most known for her poem "This eel-grass bed my prison"). Big's father, Graham Gotcha, was a local actor. Both Graham and Edwina were surprised to find that one of their many thousand offspring grew up to be blue, though rumour has it that his great-great grandlobster may have had an indigo tint, especially on certain moonlit nights.

But when he's not hard at work cleaning up the claw scratches in the county newspaper, The Lobster Herald, Blue loves to hang out at the local shoals on a Friday night, where he can be found blowing bubbles at the karaoke machine.


The conference is organized by volunteers who work together for up to a year before the big event. We are extremely grateful for their talent and tenacity.


  • Nancy Holland
  • Valerie Mansour

The rest (in alpha order):

  • Helena Aalto – EAC professional development coordinator
  • Christine Beevis Trickett – communications, social media
  • Anne Curry – speaker coordinator
  • Jacquie Dinsmore – EAC vice president
  • Jacquie Doucette – session host coordinator
  • Brian Hoyle – conference buddies coordinator
  • Moira Langton – vendor fair coordinator
  • Doug Linzey – webmaster
  • Elizabeth MacDonald – Halifax Experience, welcome reception
  • Patricia MacDonald – volunteer coordinator
  • donalee Moulton – communications coordinator
  • Suzanne Purkis – program writer and coordinator
  • Nathalie Vallière – translator
  • Ken Weinberg – EAC training and development director
  • Claire Wilkshire – billeting coordinator


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Travel and accommodation
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