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Joanne Haskins

Think Communications

Toronto, ON

Editors Canada Volunteer Participation

  • Forum (Interactive Voice) (2013, 2012, 2011)
  • National Executive Council (2014)


I offer thoughtful and supportive manuscript evaluation, editing and proofreading to help you connect with your readers. Clients include small-press and self-publishing authors and academics, as well as publishers, students, non-profit organizations, government agencies and businesses. Whether you want to educate, entertain, promote, persuade or tell a riveting story, I ensure your words are presented professionally. 

My specialty is finessing language and flow, ensuring accuracy, checking consistency and redundancy and wrangling wayward grammar mishaps to help you make the most of your message — all while preserving your voice. 

Thirty years of experience, paired with rock-solid writing and design skills and publishing know-how, means I can help you at any stage of your project. I also have access to a pool of talented colleagues who can pitch in whenever additional expertise is needed.

I have an Honours BA in English and am a long-time member of Editors Canada. I love language, and I treat your words as carefully as I would my own.

More info:

EAC MEMBER since 1997. Currently the Facebook members' group moderator. Volunteer roles


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Editorial Skills

  • Canadianization
  • Consulting and manuscript evaluation
  • Copy editing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Layout and design
  • On-screen editing
  • Production editing
  • Proofreading
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Rewriting
  • Structural and substantive editing
  • Stylistic editing
  • Writing


  • Academic books and monographs
  • Academic papers and essays
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Anthologies
  • Books, general
  • Books, self-published
  • Brochures
  • Business materials, general
  • Curriculum guidelines
  • Dictionaries, directories, and encyclopedias
  • Educational materials, general
  • Fiction
  • Government materials, general
  • Guidebooks
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Reports, other
  • Résumés and CVs
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Trade non-fiction
  • Transcripts and minutes
  • Websites


  • Animals
  • Arts
  • Biography
  • Business
  • Ecology and environment
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Government, provincial
  • Health
  • Law
  • Pedagogy
  • Philosophy
  • Travel and tourism