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National executive council apology for AGM

The national executive council regrets that some members are disappointed and disheartened by discussions at the annual general meeting on May 26, 2018.

Members are encouraged to discuss and disagree with motions; however, the nature of this particular case was difficult and painful for many people. We are taking measures to look into the matter.

Gael Spivak
President / Présidente
Editors' Association of Canada / Association canadienne des réviseurs

Lee d'Anjou Volunteer of the Year Award

Tamra Ross

Tamra Ross (Editors Calgary)

Tamra Ross was nominated for her work on the association's webinar program.

Letitia Henville awarded 2018 Claudette Upton Scholarship

Focus on fine detail in poetry studies leads to editing career


Toronto, May 28, 2018—The Editors' Association of Canada (Editors Canada) has announced that Letitia Henville of Vancouver, British Columbia, is the recipient of the 2018 Claudette Upton Scholarship.

The award was presented at the annual Editors Canada awards banquet in Saskatoon on Saturday, May 26. The scholarship is a $1,000 cash award intended to support continuing professional development in editing.

James Harbeck named winner of the 2018 Karen Virag Award


Toronto, May 28, 2018James Harbeck of Toronto, Ontario, is the winner of the 2018 Karen Virag Award, which recognizes exceptional efforts by an individual or organization to raise the profile of editing in their community. The award comes with a $400 cash prize and is named for a highly accomplished member of the Editors' Association of Canada (Editors Canada) who died in 2014.

Wendy Carroll

Wendy Carroll is co-chair of the certification steering committee and has assisted with conference planning and exam marking in past years. She speaks highly of the rewards of volunteering, including the opportunities it provides for professional development, networking and friendship.

Jennifer Rae-Brown

Jennifer Rae-Brown joined Editors Canada in the 1980s and is a greeter and host at the Ottawa-Gatineau branch. She has hosted seminars and has edited and proofread certification materials and various Editors Canada brochures.


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